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Even though most of us treat video games as a source of entertainment, the time we spend in the virtual world has an unquestionable impact on our lives. Although sitting for a long time in front of the computer screen affects our bodies negatively, there are also some more positive aspects like teaching valuable life lessons.

All games are about stories, and it is through stories that we learn about the world. Not to mention there are many games specifically designed to teach you complex concepts or help you understand different subjects. There are even games, usually in the gaming apps format, that help you develop and improve your writing skills. But it is also true that many students simply prefer to write my papers by domyessay.com and have professional essay writers complete their assignments. But, getting back to the stories, in a second, you’ll learn what life lessons video games teach us. Let’s go!

The complexity of romantic relationships

Many of us don’t know how to interact with people that we are attracted to because when we are born, we don’t receive a guide on do’s and don’ts of flirting and sex. Sure, maybe parents of some of us tried to explain the basic things, but seldom is the conversation with a parent enough.

Interactions with other humans are insanely complex, and it is hard to know what to do if you haven’t done it before. That’s why movies and video games are so important for these life lessons. We can pretend that it’s not true, but when it comes to sex, young people base their expectations on movies and computer games. And porn, let’s not forget about porn.

Most adults feel too uncomfortable discussing such things in-depth with their kids. You could argue that there are quite a few movies and games that don’t portray relationships between people who are attracted to each other realistically, but it seems that in this day and age, people are not always after what is most realistic. Are sex robots or virtual orgies realistic? No, yet we don’t ban them; that’s capitalism.

Still, there are a lot of games, like Telltale’s The Walking Dead, or The Witcher, where characters are not merely trying to achieve their goals. You have to interact with other characters, taking into account their fears, needs, and desires. You will make some enemies, hopefully, some friends, and if you are lucky, perhaps a life-long partner. Sure, you could learn these life lessons about these techniques instead, but it’s more fun when two people are involved. Or more.

Learn the life lessons about relationships in video game, no better example than Mario and Peach

The obstacles in your life

Nowadays, we are accustomed to living in relative safety. It doesn’t mean that there are no things that we worry about. We have access to social media, where we can see that other people live happy lives without too many problems in their lives. Still, for some reason, there is this feeling in the back of your head that not everything is going in the right direction, or you may not even know what the right direction is. How could games help you with that? What life lessons do they teach us here?

The only times when your character is not threatened by anything is when you are not going where you are supposed to go, or when you are avoiding all challenges. If you have to struggle, then it means that you are fighting. Is the goal worth it? There is no way to tell, you’ll have to do your thing, and with time, you’ll see for yourself.

But if you are moving forward, and it isn’t easy, then it’s already much better than if you were doing nothing. As time passes, your character will get stronger, but if you don’t become more ambitious in your endeavours, you will grow bored quickly. And here is another of your life lessons because the same applies to life.

Video Games life lessons: When you meet enemies, you're going in the right direction.

It’s easier when you are not alone

Though in games like DOOM: Eternal you’ll have to face the adversaries almost on your​ own, when it comes to the majority of video games, there are some friends that support you. You might not be able to fix everything that is wrong with the world by yourself, but you are accompanied by your allies.

In games like Mass Effect, you’ll spend quite a lot of time trying to convince different factions that you should unite against the common enemy. In real life, it won’t often be that there will be a threat that could unite everyone together.

Still, the life lessons here mean you’ll have to learn that it is impossible to achieve some goals alone. It doesn’t matter whether you consider yourself an introvert or an extrovert. When it comes to some tasks, you will have to rely on others, and that’s okay.

Just a waste of time?

Even though some people spend too much time playing video games, it is hardly wasted time. Sure, moderation is key, but if you can control yourself and not neglect your responsibilities, then it’s not a problem. What’s more, video games can help us understand the world better. Just look at all the life lessons we’ve learned above.

Maybe not all of them, but in many cases, the world they portray is just as complex as the one in which we live. And let’s not forget that video games are about stories that can help people with their problems. You won’t be able to achieve everything on your own, but with the help of your friends, almost everything is possible.

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