Graphics cards: What are they used for?

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A graphics card is one of the key components of a computer for gamers. Mainly responsible for generating images, it also has an impact on the performance of your PC as well. When it comes to graphics cards, gamers are primarily interested in the standard of the hardware as the display quality and performance of modern titles depend on it. The type of graphics card is also very important when processing photos, converting video files, and mining cryptocurrencies.

There are two types of graphics cards, integrated ones that come built into the motherboard and dedicated standalone ones available for purchase separately. The former as mentioned is part of the computer’s motherboard and much less powerful, but is well-equipped for basic computer tasks such as creating spreadsheets and word documents. The latter must be installed on available slots located on the motherboard using a PCI-E connector. Dedicated cards feature much higher performance and quality than integrated models.

The impact of mining using a graphics card

Wondering why it’s been so hard to find a graphics card in a shop lately, and why, when one is available, you have to pay a considerable sum for it? Well, it’s because this hardware is ideal for cryptocurrency miners. First of all, they are more efficient than CPUs, as up to several hundred to several thousand execution units are integrated with a single GPU core, plus they can be repeatedly compiled with each other. The same cannot be done with CPUs, which is why mining on them is unprofitable.

But how do graphics cards mine crypto? Well, the graphics chips in mining rigs deal with cryptography, or complex mathematical calculations. The more cards you have, the more computing power there is, and the chance to complete your calculations faster increases which in turn generates more profit.

Remember that a graphics card only works as well as it’s the weakest link. When you are mining, it is under intense strain and the power consumption is much higher than when you are playing video games. So, if you want your card to last as long as possible, choose a model tailored for cryptocurrency mining. It may cause real issues for somebody looking for a graphic card for use with gaming if you go for some other models.

Not only will it cause issues with how well these cards perform, but it also causes issues with availability. So what can you do when there is a lack of this hardware in the market?

GPU Mining Rig full of graphics cards

When there’s a shortage of cards on the market…

The current situation around the world is very bad, especially in terms of the availability of electronic equipment. Although with the recent crypto crash it is improving. This can make buying a new graphics card a very difficult task. For this reason, it is useful to know how to deal with difficult situations.

First and foremost, a good solution is GPU server rental. This is a type of service provided by an increasing number of companies in the global market, which consists of making an available hash rate available for a given period of time for a fee. In this way, the user can rent their server space using it for their own purposes.

These can be completely diverse. It is worth starting with typical issues such as mining cryptocurrencies or analysing extremely large data sets. Such supercomputers are also increasingly being used to create high-quality computer graphics and to process films and sound.

The applications for high computing power are numerous, which is why GPU rental may prove to be one of the most sought-after types of services in the near future. For this reason, it is a good idea to get started today and familiarise yourself with the environment in which people will be turned regularly in some time.

One thing that you must be cautious about as well is purchasing second-hand graphics cards, especially for gaming. This is because if a card has been used for mining, its shelf life often deteriorates. Meaning if you buy one to play games and it has been under heavy use, it may not work that well for long if at all. However, there are many scammers out there who will sell cards and say they have never been used for these purposes and they’re just wanting to upgrade or get rid of their PC. So always be careful when buying secondhand and use payment methods you can trust and claim money back with if there is an issue.

Hashmarket Pricing comparisons


In conclusion, buying a new graphics card can be a very daunting task, so it is worth knowing how to obtain a hash rate without access to new and very fast hardware. The solution may be a portal such as through which it will be possible to lease GPU. In this way, anyone in need of a lot of computing power can obtain it very quickly. Therefore, it is worth trying out the service even for a short period of time to see that you do not need to have very powerful hardware to enjoy high computing power.

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