Welcome to DwarfHeim, Citizens! DwarfHeim Brings 3v3 co-op RTS action to Early Access

by Chris Camilleri
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Merge Games invites you to settle in, pick your class and delve deep into the world of DwarfHeim

Merge Games and Norwegian developers, Pineleaf Studio, are thrilled to confirm that, DwarfHeim, their co-op RTS title will be tunnelling it’s way into Early Access today, October 22nd, 2020. A brand new trailer highlighting the Co-operative and Multiplayer mechanics has also been launched to mark the game going live.

DwarfHeim can also be enjoyed in single-player modes for the gamer’s that prefer the solo play-style.

DwarfHeim is the next generation of real-time strategy games and features exciting asymmetric, co-op game modes that will appeal to multiplayer fans everywhere. Player roles are critical to the success of your clan, choosing the right class can mean the difference between a glorious victory and a crushing defeat.

“The response to our first trailer for DwarfHeim was incredible – from the media, gamers adding us to their wish lists and content creators lining up to stream the game.” commented Hans-Andreas Kleven, CEO and Game Director at Pineleaf Studio. “The team has been counting down to the early access launch so we can finally pass our game into the hands of RTS fans everywhere – we really think DwarfHeim is something special and we can’t wait to share this journey with our community.”


Early Access Content:

  • Conquest — The main co-op multiplayer mode of DwarfHeim. Choose a class, join up with 2 other players and work together to tear through the enemy team’s defenses to destroy their Town Hall.
  • Skirmish — Skirmish is available in Single-Player and Online Co-op. Put your strategies to the test in this challenging mode and pit your Dwarves against an AI-controlled rival clan in a series of maps each more challenging than the last. 
  • Survival — A grueling and fast-paced challenge mode. All classes, buildings, units and abilities are immediately unlocked. Challenge yourself and try to outlive the onslaught of troll waves that come your way in the Survival mode. Survival mode will be available in Single-Player and Online Co-op.
  • Sandbox — A more relaxed game mode for the player who likes to take their time. All units and buildings are immediately unlocked. Build your own experience, and create your perfect settlement in this creative game mode. Sandbox is also available in both Single-Player and Online Co-op.

DwarfHeim releases alongside the optional Supporter Pass DLC pack which includes a host of different skins for weapons, units, Thane Hero characters and buildings. 

“We at Pineleaf have been humbled by the level of support DwarfHeim has received from our community,” added Kleven, on the Supporter Pass DLC. “We’ve had people asking how they can further support us and DwarfHeim. So instead of asking for donations we created the Supporter Pass – a small token of gratitude for people’s generosity, we created in-game items for your units and buildings so other people can see you are a member of a very elite club.”

Note – all items in the Supporter Pass are purely cosmetic and do not affect gameplay.

DwarfHeim is available to buy from today on Steam Early Access priced at [£19.99, €/$24.99]

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