Fighting til the End; We Are the Champions of the Warlord

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You may have paid your dues in Legacy of Discord, you’ve made bad mistakes — maybe only a few? You may have had sand kicked in your face but still come through? But to be a true champion, my friends — you need to be a champion of the Warlord… of Discord. 

‘Warlords of Discord’ is a time-based event, starting February 20. It features new gameplay and the first phase of 1v1 combat can see you through to a top 10 ranking. Should you manage that, you’ll become a boss in the second phase; where all the other players will challenge you!

Phase one takes place on February 20 from 8pm to 10pm. Players earn ranking points partaking in those 1-on-1 PvP battles through the Warlord of Discord matchmaking system, with win streaks awarding extra points. Players are then ranked based on those points, with rank rewards sent out the same day, at five minutes to midnight. 

Phase two runs across February 21-22. The top 10 players from Phase one will become bosses for everyone to challenge. Challenging those bosses uses up ‘attempts’ and awards ranking points and rewards for various levels of completion. If you can survive long enough against a boss, you will earn a victory reward. Defeated players will also earn participation rewards. (So, strictly speaking, we do have some time for losers.)

Getting the last hit in on a boss will earn a ‘final blow’ reward. While quitting during a challenge rightly forfeits all points and rewards (boo!). All final rankings are determined at ten minutes to midnight on February 22, with rewards being sent out shortly afterwards. Then take your bow, your curtain call — you can thank us later for the fame and fortune and everything that goes with it!

If you’re more of a lover than a fighter, this Valentine’s Day you can compete in exclusive timed Valentine’s events; with a chance to unlock the exclusive Valentine’s mount or even the mysterious ‘Metamorph’.


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