5 Different Ways to Fund a Gaming Wallet

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No matter the type of online gaming that you prefer, you can expect to have to make purchases at some point, usually via your gaming wallet. Whether you need money to play games or make in-game purchases, security is important. While it’s not common, fraud happens on gaming sites and hackers often like to target gaming accounts for many reasons. This is why you need to be careful with the methods you use and know which ones are provided by the platform you intend to play and browse more on.

Let’s take a look at some of the common ways you can fund a gaming wallet.


Pay-by-phone is often an option that is offered by online casinos, but various gaming platforms allow it as well. This is one of the safest ways to pay as it requires that you have access to your mobile contract and security information. People with pay-as-you-go contracts can also use the option to pay through their mobile phone invoice. Another great thing about using this is that a minimal amount of personal information needs to be exchanged. One popular game you can fund your gaming wallet with using your phone is Fortnite.

Top up Gaming Wallet for Fortnite via Apple or Epic Games


Many online gaming sites also offer PayPal, but don’t expect to find it everywhere. While PayPal is accepted as a form of payment on UK sites, it is not in sites that cater to the US or Australian players, for instance, and for this reason, some sites will simply not offer the option. But if you find one that does, that is a good sign, as PayPal is another extremely safe way to pay.

What makes PayPal so great is that most of the power is in the hands of the user and not the seller. If anything happens to your funds, you can expect PayPal to move swiftly and correct the situation for you. It also allows you to deposit money from your bank to your PayPal account, which limits the amount of money anyone could have access to in the rare event that they would get access to your PayPal funds.


Neteller is another method that you can use and is very similar to PayPal. It may not have the same resources or recognition, but you can rest assured that your funds and information are safe when using them. This option is available to people from all over the world, and payments are processed instantly.


Skrill is a digital wallet that allows you to pay from your credit card account, bank account, and over 100 accepted methods without having to share the information. The money is added to your wallet, which can then be used to fund your account. Your information remains safe, but you now have to deal with Skrill as an intermediary. People have also complained about the tenuous sign-up and verification process, so be prepared for that.

Bank Transfer

Bank transfers are also offered by many gaming platforms but beware. The main reason why you should not use bank transfers is that you will not have the same protection if something goes wrong. Do yourself a favour, and use safe and faster ways to deposit money if you want your funds to be safe and have recourse in case some or all of your deposited funds go missing.

These are a few common payment methods that you can use to fund a wallet. Each of them has its pros and cons but always go with the one that gives you the most safety and will be there if there are any issues.

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