Wargaming unites gamers across the globe for Ukrainian support

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When the creators of virtual battlefields feel compelled to support real-life struggles, it’s a testament to the human spirit. Wargaming, renowned for its war games, has always been clear about its stance: love for war games but an absolute disdain for real war. This sentiment is felt even deeper given that they have a dedicated studio in Kyiv. The very team that designs epic tank battles in World of Tanks faces the realities of conflict every day in Ukraine.

Over the past 18 months, Wargaming has been a beacon of support for Ukrainian civilians. With considerable contributions including a generous $1 million towards medical assistance during the war’s initial week, and a further $100,000 dedicated to the Kakhovka disaster victims, their commitment is unwavering. In a beautiful showcase of unity, Wargaming employees have personally raised 200,000 euros to provide ambulance cars for Ukrainian medics.

Wargaming United to Support Ukraine

Now, in a clarion call for unity, the company is extending an invitation to its vast player base to join hands in support. Enter WargamingUnited — their largest charity initiative to date.

Starting from today, players across six renowned games — World of Tanks, World of Tanks Blitz, World of Tanks Modern Armor, World of Warships, World of Warships: Legends, and World of Warplanes — have the unique opportunity to contribute. Special Ukraine-themed bundles, infused with elements designed by the very artists at Wargaming Kyiv studio, will be available. These limited-time bundles allow players to revel in exclusive in-game content while showing their solidarity for Ukraine.

In a move that exemplifies their commitment, every penny from the WargamingUnited bundles will be donated via UNITED24, Ukraine’s official fundraising platform. The funds are earmarked for the purchase of C-type ambulances, vital lifesaving vehicles equipped with defibrillators, cardiac monitors, oxygen tanks, and artificial lung ventilator devices. Each ambulance stands as a beacon of hope, poised to save countless lives.

These exclusive bundles will be up for grabs from October 18th till November 1st. For a detailed look at this initiative, gamers can watch the WargamingUnited announcement on YouTube and visit the official WargamingUnited page at united.wargaming.net.

World of Tanks: Armor - WargamingUnited 50TP Hero Tank

Wargaming has been a juggernaut in the gaming world since 1998. With a repertoire of titles that are loved globally, they’ve firmly cemented themselves as leaders in the industry. Their dedication extends beyond the virtual realm, as seen with their continued efforts to support Ukraine, particularly through their collaboration with UNITED24.

Established as the official fundraising platform for Ukraine, UNITED24 aims to rally global support for the nation. In these challenging times, traditional charitable foundations often find themselves overwhelmed. With a streamlined process, UNITED24 ensures that aid reaches those who need it most, directly from donors worldwide.

The list of bundles available showcases the diverse range of offerings, from unique camouflage patterns inspired by the Ukrainian flag to distinctive game emblems symbolising Ukrainian resilience. These bundles not only serve as tokens of support but also as symbols of the international gaming community’s unity with Ukraine.

In the words of Wargaming, “We believe in the power of unity”. Now, it’s over to the gaming community to show their strength, resilience, and unwavering support for Ukraine.

WargamingUnited bundles

World of Tanks

  • 50TP Resilient Bundle
    • a 50TP Resilient tank in a unique blue and yellow camouflage pattern with 100% trained crew and slot in a garage. In addition to the well-known 50TP prototype Tier VIII Premium Polish heavy tank with the new camo, players will find a stylish trident emblem as a symbol of Ukrainian sovereignty and a tank name on the side;
    • together with the tank, players will receive another “Resilient” 2D style suitable for any vehicle in vibrant Ukrainian official flag colours, and 3 decals as symbols of courage and strength of all Ukrainian society.
  • The Way of Resilience Bundle
    • a “Resilience” 2D style in the vibrant colours of the Ukrainian national flag and three emblems.
World of Tanks 50TP Resilient tank as part of the WargamingUnited event

World of Tanks Blitz

  • Resilient Bundle
    • a special blue and yellow camouflage, unique avatar and profile background inspired by the Ukrainian natural landmarks. Also, it includes Astron Rex Tier VIII American medium tank, 30 days of Premium Account, Gold and more. 
  • Resilience Bundle
    • a special blue and yellow camouflage, unique avatar and profile background, 3 days of Premium Account, Gold and seasonal currency.

World of Tanks Modern Armor

  • WargamingUnited – Resilient Bundle
    • 50TP Hero Tank, trident emblem, flag emblem, ammo, and a slot in the garage.
  • WargamingUnited – Cosmetics Pack
    • 4 copies of “Resilient” camouflages, one of each emblem,

World of Warships 

  • Spirit of Unity Bundle
    • “Spirit of Unity” Flag, 20 “Resilient” Ukrainian Camouflages, “Ukraine” Patch, 7 days of Premium Account, 2,400,000 Credits, 50 India Delta, 24 Ecobonus Grade 2 CR +40%, 24 Ecobonus Grade 2 XP +200%, 24 Ecobonus Grade 2 Crew XP +200%, 24 Ecobonus Grade 2 Free XP +600%.
  • Resilient Bundle
    • 20 “Resilient” Camouflages.
World of Warships Resilient skin as part of the WargamingUnited event

World of Warships: Legends

  • Resilience Bundle
    • 36 “Resilient” Ukrainian Camouflages, “Spirit of Unity” Flag, 2 Insignia, 7 days of Premium Account, 20 Rare Ship XP Booster, 20 Rare Credit Booster, 20 Rare Commander XP Booster, 20 Rare Global XP Booster, 20 Rare Battle Booster
  • Rye and Sky Bundle
    • 24 “Resilient” Ukrainian Camouflages
    • 1 “Spirit of Unity” Flag

World of Warplanes

  • Unite to Support! Small Bundle
    • a new unique trident emblem, suitable for all warplanes in the game.
  • Unite to Support! Medium Bundle
    • comes with a distinctive blue-yellow camouflage pattern, a stylish trident emblem, and a stunning nose art design for the Tier IX Antonov M Masha Fighter.
  • Unite to Support! Large Bundle
    • brings the Tier IX Antonov M Masha Fighter, a powerhouse from the renowned Antonov – Ukrainian Design Bureau, a stunning nose art design for the mentioned plane, an exclusive “Trident” emblem suitable for all planes and a distinctive blue-yellow camouflage pattern, all at more than 50% discount.
World of Warplanes skin for plane as part of the WargamingUnited bundles

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