Volcano Princess erupts onto Steam on April 21st, 2023

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Step into a world of magic and mystery as you guide your daughter through the challenges and opportunities that will shape her future. In this highly anticipated royal adventure, your destiny awaits you – and it may come sooner than you think! Volcano Princess, developed by Egg Hatcher Studio and published by Gamera Games, will make its grand debut on Steam on April 21st, 2023.

In Volcano Princess, you and your daughter are residents of the Volcano Kingdom. Following the death of your spouse, the conflict between humans and demons escalates, and it falls upon you to prepare your child for the challenges that lie ahead. Your decisions will shape not only her future but the destiny of an entire empire in this captivating parenting JRPG adventure!

Volcano Princess artwork showing a character in a suit of armour

Volcano Princess will feature both Chinese and Japanese voiceovers at launch, with the Japanese version showcasing the exceptional talent of Nakahara Mai, renowned for her roles in Tales of Vesperia, CLANNAD, and When They Cry. She will be lending her voice to the daughter character in the game.

With over 50 different possible endings, your guidance as a parent will be crucial in helping your daughter find her loyal lord, and pursue her studies in martial arts, mathematics, science, charm, and art. Together, you will secure the future of the Volcano Kingdom. Can’t wait to start? Try the Steam demo for Volcano Princess, available for free today, and stay tuned for the early access version in just a few weeks!

Volcano Princess gameplay features

  • Discover the Enchanting World of the Volcano Kingdom Stroll through the sunlit streets and immerse yourself in the enchanting melodies of the Volcano Kingdom. Alongside your daughter, you will encounter a diverse cast of intriguing characters and experience the delectable delicacies and wonders of the land.
  • Cherish Every Moment with Your Princess! As the sole guardian of your daughter, it’s your responsibility to ensure her happiness and well-being. Guide her as she explores new hobbies and interests, and remember that the bonds of family are unbreakable.
  • A Heartwarming Journey of Growth and Discovery In this wholesome, nurturing experience, you will raise an exuberant preteen who will learn to better connect with others and develop a strong sense of etiquette. Enrol her in one of the four esteemed colleges in the Volcano Kingdom, where she can study music, painting, or even master martial arts and combat. But beware – neglecting her needs may lead to unintended consequences.
Volcano Princess artwork showing two characters laying in bed together
  • Compete for the Throne and Unearth Ancient Secrets When your daughter comes of age, she will have the chance to pledge her loyalty to one of the three ruling lords of the land. By completing their tasks, she can increase her standing and reputation among the noble families. At the Grand Volcano Festival, your daughter will have the opportunity to showcase her skills in a thrilling competition and uncover the long-lost secrets of her ancestors in the dark canyon.
  • Shape Your Daughter’s Destiny Will your daughter emerge as an outstanding member of society? An ordinary citizen? Or will she choose a darker path? The choices you make will determine her future, so choose wisely and guide her toward the ending you both dream of!

Volcano Princess trailer

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