Rivals: Vigor Introduces New Game Mode and more in Season 3

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Available today, the Vigor developers are equipping Outlanders with a new arsenal and introducing them to a new conflict in Season 3: Rivals. This new season offers fresh gameplay to the existing Xbox One community, giving them the tools and weapons they’ve been craving, and teases future experiences for the new and curious Outlanders checking out Vigor on the Switch console platform this week.

The biggest addition to Vigor this week is the seasonal game mode called Sawmill Shootout, where players engage in medium-to-close range gunfights in a closed-off subsection of the Sawmill map. Respawns are enabled up until the final minute, where all players fight to be the last Outlander standing. Shootouts offer a Vigor experience focused solely on combat and players do not bring their equipment from their Shelters, so they don’t have to worry about losing gear. Thus, this will be a good place for players to hone their skills so they have a better chance to survive any firefights as they seek loot in Encounters. 

When it comes to those Encounters, the arsenal has just expanded. The Vigor community has asked for additional silenced weapons and Bohemia is delivering. Three guns will now have silenced versions so players can stealthily take down their enemies: The PSS, SVU, and MP5-K SD3.

The theme for Season 3 is Rivals. There’s cunning behind the flashy masks of these Outlanders and they wield it dangerously alongside their silenced weapons. They have their eyes set on the Sawmill and they’ll employ the use of new silenced weapons and new consumables to outlast and outlive their enemies.

Season 3: Rivals Features:

  • New Season Mode: Sawmill Shootout
  • New Battle Pass 
  • New Tools (Consumables)
    Iodine – Improves radiation endurance
    Caffeine – Stamina boost
  • New Silenced Weapons
    MP5-K SD3
  • Facewear
    Full Headpieces
  • Titles in Battle Pass
  • New Seasonal XP Rewards
  • Ability to skip and replay the tutorial
  • Melee weapon stat improvements
  • Reward screen improvements
Vigor Season 3: Rivals

Bohemia Interactive also recently revealed that the F2P, multiplayer, shoot-and-loot title is expanding its fresh brand of gameplay to a whole new audience of gamers via the Nintendo Switch, with the Vigor beta starting this week. The Switch beta will not feature Season 3 content but will have an experience built to test Vigor and help the developers deliver a stronger launch.

To learn more about Vigor, visit: 

  • Website: vigorgame.com
  • Twitter
  • Facebook

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