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Bundles and New Releases Celebrate The Publishers Focus on Indie Creativity

Versus Evil, one of the leading independent video game publishers, today announced a range of huge discounts and indie focused bundles across its entire catalogue in its Anniversary Publisher Sale. Not only that, publisher Versus Evil also strengthened its indie offerings with two brand new PC titles launching today in the form of roguelike RPG, The Hand of Merlin and hardcore platformer Sockventure.

Versus Evil’s Anniversary publisher sale celebrates its past and current indie partnerships with its new game bundles, including its ‘Award Winning RPG Bundle’ which contains Pillars of Eternity II Deadfire, The Banner Saga Trilogy and The Hand of Merlin, all for around $40. It’s ‘Adrenaline Bundle’ brings together Almighty: Kill Your Gods, Let Them Come, Mothership and Tower of Guns for around $25. Additionally, its ‘Amazing New Indies Bundle’ includes 6 titles, 4 of which are new releases including Almighty: Kill Your Gods, First Class Trouble, The Hand of Merlin and Sockventure with Jumpala and Cardpocalypse also complementing the lineup.

Singular discounts are also available with up to 90% off across the publishers back catalogue. The Sale includes titles like The Banner Saga and Yaga which are discounted by 85% and 60% respectively. Elsewhere in the sale other bargains to be had include Antihero, Cardpocalypse and Wintermoor Tactics Club, the latter with a discount of 50% off.

Other bargains to be had include At Sundown which has been discounted 90%.

It’s no secret that Versus Evil have gone big on the indie focus this year, launching a range of exciting new titles, turn based RPG strategy game The Hand of Merlin, a game that mixes Arthurian legend with Sci-fi horror is available from today along with hardcore platformer Sockventure, packed with 200 levels of non-stop action.

This month also saw the launch of co-operative larger than life action RPG, Almighty: Kill Your Gods which launched on May 5th. Atmospheric first-person mystery game Hitchhiker from award winning German developer Mad About Pandas also landed on PC and console recently in April. Last, and certainly not least, Versus Evil launched First Class Trouble into early access on PC which has been taking the social deduction genre by storm.

“For the past 8 years we’ve made a business out of supporting indies and we’ve partnered with some incredibly talented independent developers and videogame visionaries from all over the world. It’s been an absolute blast working alongside them and I couldn’t be more proud of everyone at Versus Evil, past and present, that has helped us get here. Our journey continues, and we are very excited to bring you more great indie titles in the near future” said Versus Evil GM and founder, Steve Escalante.

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Also coinciding with today’s publisher sale, Versus Evil‘s asymmetric multiplayer social deduction game, First Class Trouble, developed by Invisible Walls gets new content today with its ‘Botanical Gardens Update’ that adds a very green affair to proceedings along with new usable items, perks, crew and residents, not to mention more stealthy gameplay opportunities.

Browse Versus Evil‘s game catalogue on the official website.

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