Venture To The Vile announced by indie studio Cut to Bits

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Montreal-based independent studio, Cut to Bits, has announced its debut game, Venture To The Vile, a story-focused Metroidvania set in a playful yet sinister world. The game is set to be released on PC and consoles next year.

In Venture To The Vile, players find their life plunged into chaos by the arrival of the Vile, an outpouring of monstrosities that have taken over the town of Rainybrook. Your friend Luella is lost in the darkness, and you are left with a blackened and mutated arm that can transform into a vicious claw. As you explore the town and fight against the Vile, you will absorb its abilities and powers with every death blow.

Venture To The Vile gameplay screenshot

The game features a rich 3D world that players can explore by navigating parallel planes of 2D gameplay. The world dynamically shifts and changes with the time of day and weather, and players will encounter a peculiar cast of characters, take on unrelenting terrors, and discover new quests and stories.

Cut to Bits is founded by industry veterans with a track record that includes Bioshock Infinite, Grand Theft Auto IV, Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag, and more. The studio is committed to creating games that inspire thoughtfulness in players and encourage them to evaluate their values and points of view. The team also works on various industry initiatives, such as mentorships for those wanting to break into the industry, discord servers for producer knowledge sharing, diversity podcasts, and more.

Venture To The Vile gameplay screenshot 2

Venture To The Vile promises to be a thrilling and dynamic debut from Cut to Bits, a studio founded by industry veterans with a passion for creating thought-provoking and meaningful games. Keep an eye on their Twitter for updates and wishlist the game on Steam.

Check out the new announcement trailer below:

Venture to the Vile announcement trailer

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