Unity of Command 2: Blitzkrieg DLC is out today on Steam

by Chris Camilleri
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A brand new Axis Campaign

The Unity of Command II: Blitzkreig DLC campaign has 25 scenarios (13 in the historical line) and comes with a chunky update with many UI improvements and fixes.

From 1939 to 1941, Germany stunned the world with the introduction of Blitzkrieg, a new mode of war focused on massed armoured spearheads and close air support. Rapid shock and encirclement by mechanised armies replaced the grinding attrition of World War I trench warfare.

In this DLC, you command Wehrmacht forces during this period, starting with the 1939 invasion of Poland, through the daring airborne assault on Crete in May 1941.

Key Features of the Blitzkrieg! DLC

  • A New Campaign — 13-scenario historical campaign, based on early-war battles in Poland, Norway, Western Europe, and the Balkans.
  • Alt history at its best — Alternative history tracks, including one of history’s greatest “what-ifs”: Operation Sealion, the German plan for the invasion of Britain.
  • New Tools — 50+ new unit types, from almost every European nation including Poland, France, Norway, Sweden, Greece, and more.
  • More New Tools — Beautiful new vehicle models including Pz IIIF, Cruiser mk.III A13, Citroën U23, Char B1 bis, SOMUA S35, L3/35, and more.
  • New Gameplay — A new forts mechanic designed to simulate the challenges of attacking the formidable Maginot Line.
  • Luftwaffe in the Spotlight! — New air support theater assets to simulate the devastating effectiveness of the Luftwaffe: Precision Bombing and Flying Artillery.
  • A German skillset — New capabilities for German HQs: advanced force pool, Kampfgruppe, oversupply, and more.
  • New protagonists – Many new specialists, including an entirely new type: assault guns.

Let’s look at an example of our new Blitzkrieg missions:

Operation Mercury

The Battle of Crete began on the morning of the 20th of May 1941. It was a unique attack for its recklessness and ruthlessness; it was also the first large-scale airborne attack in the annals of war.

22,000 Fallschirmjäger were pitted against roughly 40,000 allied troops. The geography of Crete made its defense problem difficult with a single road running along the northern coast and a very complicated supply system.
The German army in the end succeeded in taking the island. But the feat cost the Germand horrendous losses that basically destroyed the 7th Airborne Division (the only one that Goering possessed) and made the whole operation a Pyrrhic victory.

Will you succeed in bettering General Kurt Student and take the important island in the middle of the Mediterranean while avoiding the slaughter of your own army?

unity of command

Unity of Command II is available now on Steam.

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