Underzone is on Steam and will release on the 1st of September

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Underzone, the new twin-stick roguelite shooter will hit Steam in Ealy Access on the 1st of September.

Experience a completely new blend of gameplay and theme that takes inspiration from the best roguelikes and shooters out there. The Binding of Isaac meets Super Metroid in a sci-fi futuristic conspiracy theme with procedurally generated levels and enemies!

What is Underzone?

Underzone is a new twist on the ‘roguelite’ genre, featuring procedural enemies built out of unique combinations of components.

  • ENTER an underground labyrinth
  • SMASH your own path through the world
  • SHOOT unpredictable mutating enemies
  • PLAY through procedurally generated runs
  • UNCOVER a dark sci-fi conspiracy narrative

The game plays like a twin-stick shooter in which you must clear rooms of hostiles; however, every time you progress to the next zone a new enemy type will be introduced and the existing enemies will upgrade their ‘DNA’ in unpredictable ways. The combination of both enemy and map procedural generation creates a tense new challenge every time.


  • A range of futuristic weapons to shoot and upgrade
  • Procedural maps that are non-linear: if you see a wall, you can smash through it!
  • Fully voice-acted narrative monologues to discover in a non-linear order
  • metagame where completed rescues reward you with XP to spend on different upgrade licences to be used in-game
  • Five game zones to explore, each of which introduces a new enemy type

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