Undercat slides on to Kickstarter June 23rd

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Crytivo is launching a Kickstarter campaign for Undercat today!

About Undercat

Undercat is a 2D action platformer inspired by retro platformers and classic cartoons, set in a game world where you play as a rebellious dog who’s tired of catkind’s tyranny. A once thriving and diverse city of animals has been overthrown by cats. They’ve oppressed all other animals and collared them like lesser-beings. Those who refuse to obey the cat overlords have been banished from the city and forced to live in cramped slums. 

You are playing as a good boy turned freedom fighter named “Chips”. You’re barking mad about the new regime, and it’s time to break those chains. Life growing up in the slums has made you tough. With the help of the rebellion, you will fight to take back the city and end the cats’ tyranny once and for all.

Undercat takes place in Citadel City, a once-thriving metropolis home to animals of all kinds. Under the cat’s rule, the centre of the city has been transformed into somewhat of a palace for their leader. That is the rebellion’s ultimate target. You will enter the city from beyond the walls and fight, sneak, scratch, and think your way through overwhelming odds to reach the heart of cat territory.

You will need to perform many operations to weaken their grip on the city, like completing rescue missions for key individuals, liberating neighbourhoods, searching for essential items, creating diversions, fighting boss cats to shatter the chain of command, and much more. Every region of the city will have numerous tasks to complete, culminating in a final battle to free the sector. Don’t turn tail and run, it’s time for action!

Play the Demo

Join the Discord and type !getKey command in #key-claim channel to receive a Steam code for the demo of the game.

The Plan

The plan is to release Undercat on as many platforms as the developer and publisher can. Their primary goal is to release the game on Nintendo Switch first and then work towards releasing the game on Windows , Playstation, and Xbox. The Windows version of the game will be released shortly after Nintendo Switch game release. 

Support Undercat on Kickstarter

You can find Undercat on Kickstarter by clicking HERE.

Backing it will earn you some sweet rewards that you can see below:

Undercat Backer Rewards on kickstarter

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