Ahoy There! Toy Tactics’ New Pirate Update Sets Sail

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Shiver me timbers! The developers at Kraken Empire and Joystick Ventures have just hoisted the Jolly Roger to announce the arrival of their latest update for the physics-based RTS game, Toy Tactics. Dubbed “The Pirates Fury”, the update is teeming with nautical naughtiness that will surely knock your tricorn hats off!

Toy Tactics, which has been impressing players in its Early Access stage, has added a new playable faction to its Roman, Camelot, and Samurai ranks – The Freebooters. These swashbuckling characters bring with them a treasure chest full of pirate-themed units, spells, and skills. One such skill includes summoning the legendary Kraken to drag enemies down to Davy Jones’ Locker.

Toy Tactics Pirate Cenital Rain Level

One exciting new addition is sea combat, allowing you to set sail and engage in thrilling ship-to-ship warfare. As any true pirate would, players can gleefully bombard their foes from a distance, sending minifigures spiralling into the air. This innovative feature brings a new dynamic to the physics-based mechanics of Toy Tactics.

The Pirates Fury update also drops anchor with a brand-new campaign. Packed with cutscenes and island levels, this campaign allows you to set off on quests, hunt for treasure, and lay siege to castles. All this while navigating tropical jungle settings, forming your units into recognisable pirate symbols like the Jolly Roger or a fearsome pirate ship.

Toy Tactics Pirate Fight

Toy Tactics has enriched its gameplay with a host of fresh additions:

  • New Shipmates On Deck: Players will be able to take part in epic minifig battles as part of the new Pirate army, the Freebooters! Revel in a bevvy of new main and secondary units that’ll take up arms the likes of which the armies of Toy Tactics have never seen before with the introduction of gunpowder and weapons powered by it. Familiar animal companions like parrots join the fray alongside some unlikely ones, like sharks and huge crabs. Ever seen a pirate ride a turtle into battle? Well, you will now.
  • A Treasure Trove of New Skills and Relics: A new faction with new units means new skills. Lay waste to enemies with abilities unique to the Freebooters, such as the actual manifestation of Davy Jones’ Locker or a tornado full of sharks. They’ll never see it coming…okay, they might see that second one coming. When all else fails, turn to the mystics and invoke some voodoo on foes. New relics will give those swashbuckling Freebooters even more of an edge in the battles to come.
  • Shiver Me Timbers: Players will be able to enjoy a new ghostly state for some units, who after having picked up some cursed treasure, now haunt the battlefield long after they should’ve gone.
  • Go On A Classic Pirate Adventure: Engage in an entirely new campaign, fresh with original cutscenes and a new final boss that’s exclusive to the Freebooters, and hunt for treasure! Go to new island locales in the Caribbean and embark on new missions and objectives that’ll allow players to live out their long-held pirate fantasies.
  • Come Sail Away: Why fight on land when pirates are so often at sea? Lower those sails and prep those cannons for some good ol’ fashioned naval combat aboard the Galleon, a pirate ship that’s adding a new dimension to Toy Tactics’already dynamic battles.

Toy Tactics is currently available on Steam in Early Access. To stay in the loop with all things Toy Tactics, players can visit the game’s official site or social media channels, or join the conversation on Discord and Reddit. “Arr” you ready to live out your long-held pirate fantasies?

Toy Tactics: The Pirates Fury trailer

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