Totally Reliable Delivery Service live on 6 platforms

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Totally Reliable Delivery Service, the game about terrible delivery drivers, has arrived at PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, iOS and Google Play!

Here’s a TL;DR and trailer if you can’t be bothered reading everything:

Free on Epic Games Store, iOS, Android, and within Game Pass

tinyBuild always love doing new things, and today is no exception. They have launched Totally Reliable Delivery Service for free on the Epic Games Store. It’s free to keep for 1 week until April 8. It’s also within Xbox Game Pass! And the iOS and Android versions have cross-play, and are free to download! 

I believe in this time it’s important to provide accessible family-friendly entertainment. We’ve seen at conventions and during playtests how Totally Reliable creates this great experience for gamers across generations. Seeing parents play together with their 2 kids always makes me smile. At the same time, the game provides exceptional emergent gameplay opportunities for friends playing online, as evidenced by the hundreds of Youtubers who already made videos. This is why it was extremely important to bring Totally Reliable Delivery Service to as many platforms on launch as possible (six on launch day!), and Epic Games were amazing to support the idea of launching it for free to keep on launch to give it a huge audience. 

Alex Nichiporchik, CEO @ tinyBuild
Totally Reliable Delivery System Logo

About Totally Reliable Delivery Service

Totally Reliable Delivery Service is a ragdoll physics-driven sandbox game that up to 4 players can enjoy together.

Work together (or against each other) to deliver packages to customers using a variety of vehicles and odd machines. Safe deliveries are rewarded, but mayhem is highly encouraged! 

  • Local and Online Multiplayer. Go it alone to ensure the safety of your deliveries, or join your friends and put your teamwork to the test. Note: the Nintendo Switch version has 2 players local co-op, and 4-player online multiplayer. Mobile versions do not have local co-op. 
  • Controlled Noodly Chaos. Unpredictable ragdoll physics meets snappy platforming. Sprint, leap, dive, and grapple with ease, but collide with something and you’ll be knocked out cold!
  • A World of Distractions. Take a break from deliveries and play around! The world is chock full of toys, vehicles, and machines that can be used for work or play.
  • Ragtag Crew. Customize your blue-collar worker and get your rear into gear, it’s time to deliver!
  • Delivery Service. 100+ Deliveries and Objectives, from delivering ramen to totally not bombs.
  • Vehicles. 20+ Land, Air, and Sea Vehicles for you to explore this giant world.
  • Character Customization. Thousands and thousands of combinations for customizing your character!

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