Top Gaming Trends for 2021

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The iGaming industry received a remarkable boost from the peak pandemic time in 2020. As opposed to land-based casinos, the revenues of online casinos didn’t plummet. Part of that extra cash will find its way into future investments.

The trend predictions of 2021 and beyond promise remarkable innovations. The industry has set its sight on virtual reality (VR) solutions and Big Data. Read on to learn more about the top changes expected to take place in the coming years.

#1: Virtual Reality (VR) Games

VR still plays a weak role in online casinos. While some gambling sites with a solid focus on VR have popped up over the previous years, the most popular games and best casino bonus offers can still be found elsewhere. Is that bound to change?

The appeal of VR gambling is significant. Live dealer games already changed the expectations of what online casinos can deliver in terms of the entertainment factor. Using VR can take the games to another new level with custom VR worlds brought to life in front of the players’ eyes.

Man wearing VR Headset for gaming

#2: Social Media Components

The particular platforms may change but social media is nowhere near extinction. The iGaming sector has plenty of unused potential in terms of social media utilization. This is particularly true for in-game features.

Yggdrasil already implemented the BRAG function in their slots. Compared to the possibilities of complex social media integrations, this is just the beginning of what the industry can do. It could even be possible to have social media interactions affect certain in-game rewards or outcomes.

#3: Big Data Analysis

Big data not only saves lives but also allows online entertainment businesses to reach new heights in efficiency. Every action made by the players is stored as raw data. Analyzing this big pile of data can provide crucial insights into what works and what could be improved. This analysis can be used to optimize user journeys both on iGaming platforms and in actual games.

Maximizing engagement is essential for online casino game providers. Feeding previous games’ user behavior data to the development of new titles can lead to products that provide more fun for the players and higher revenue to the companies.

#4: Crypto Gaming

The cryptocurrency world is in its infancy. Steep climbs, breathtaking freefalls, and plenty of misunderstandings regarding blockchain technology have made the entire concept hard to grasp for many people. Regardless of this, blockchain could seriously disrupt the sector.

Online casinos running on blockchain already exist. Some regular gambling sites have started accepting Bitcoin. The chances are that the first half of the 2020s will clearly show to which extent the blockchain and various virtual coins shape the face of iGaming.

iGaming on a mobile phone playing roulette

iGaming in 2021 & Beyond

Online gaming is a dynamic industry. The wider digital tech trends affect the market sooner rather than later. Since the coronavirus crisis boosted the revenue of many prominent platforms and game providers, some of that money will be injected into innovation and development.

Some of the most promising ideas surround the use of virtual reality in iGaming products and the smarter utilization of blockchain technologies in online casinos. Additionally, mining and crunching big data could provide important insights into how to make the games more engaging and profitable.

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