The end of Terrarium TV

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  1. Sejal says:

    Terrarium tv is the only app which suits me best. I have to travel alot and during that TTV is what helps. I feel so sad. I hope it comes back.

    1. OhMyJosh says:

      Every time one of these apps close down, another pops up. It used to be Exodus on Kodi, now it’s TTV, there will no doubt be something else cropping up next.

      1. Suchismita says:

        Hey can you please inform us if any such new app pops up? I’m feeling kinda devastated right now, was in the middle of a series.

        1. OhMyJosh says:

          We can’t endorse any potentially illegal services being a legit press site, but there have been suggestions in the comments of some alternatives. We can’t stop you checking those out.

        2. Fraser says:

          i hear, me to…sucks…its dead now

      2. Dana says:

        I literally just installed this on my phone yesterday! Everyone has been saying how great it is and I was looking forward to watching! So sad.

      3. random says:

        just to let you know, Kodi sucks and we have to use it now, please make something similar to Terraium

    2. LP says:

      Agree with all comments that TTV was the very best app out there and I am deeply sad to see it go. A huge thank you to Nitro Zenon for all the hard work and effort it must have taken to develop it and keep it running for so long. Your efforts were very much appreciated. Thanks again.

    3. Jeanet says:

      Me too sucks thought had until END OF SEPTEMBER but here I am am blocked from the app with that stupid note on my screen wtf this is some B.S.

  2. Shawn Bailey says:

    Wow, you guys are the first to report this, great work. Could it be a hack by a competitor.

    1. OhMyJosh says:

      It could be, but nothing to suggest that as yet.

      1. Brian nelston says:

        Yes your right. This seems legit enough. Sounds like applied pressure from “The Man”. Sucks too because I somewhat recently started using TTV and I was pleased with the amount of working links as well as quality. So -:salutations:- my friend of not so long.. I guess I will have to start buying dvds again……hmmmm……nah!!!!!

        1. OhMyJosh says:

          There have been some other suggestions in the comments. Obviously, we can’t endorse any for obvious reasons but we can’t stop you trying them out.

    2. Yosef says:


  3. Rob says:

    This freaking sucks, I love TTV!! Hate to see it go! R.I.P. TerrariumTv

  4. Nuria Marchant says:

    I just got the news on my telly when I wanted to watch my series. I couldn’t believe it! That’s why I had to Google it just to be sure. Kudus on reporting it A.S.A.P. This is by far the best one I’ve ever had. I’m so sad and heartbroken! Can anyone suggest any other application?

    1. Isa Momin says:

      Popcorntime is the most appropriate alternative now 🙂

      1. Messy says:

        Can you please share link to install it

    2. Leo says:

      If you’ve saved your shows in favorites you can still watch . when the update screen appears click update let. It roll but when the install permission screen comes up just hit cancel. May have to do it a few times but I’m still watchin my favs.

  5. Karen says:

    This is the only app I watch!! Now what?? Is there a good alternative?

    1. Emma says:

      Absolutely devastated this has closed down and have spent the past hour and a half trying to find something half decent, check out Morphles tv

      1. kiaora says:

        dont bother with morpheus it is going to die soon too. back to good old kodi.

  6. Phil Dunphy says:

    Really Really sad that this is ending. Terrarium TV is my after-work, after-dinner and weekend buddy for my fav shows and movies. I got the same notification today and cannot access the app anymore. This is the only app that works fully with android TV. In terms of functionality, nothing beats this app – whether it is subtitle support or well-organized menu. I honestly dont know which app can replace this. Hope something soon comes up or the creator of the app changes his mind.

    1. D C says:

      Dude, no kiding…. Terrarium TV changed everything about watching tv… When I wanted, what I wanted and even new shows I probably would not even have watched if it wasn’t for how great Terrarium was about putting it all together in a simple package. Man I am bummed….

    2. Robert Johnson says:

      I’m so sad the only app I absolutely love is gone I’ve tried other apps and they dont work as well as terrarium please come back back or someone make a clone

  7. Jasmine says:

    I’m so sad that this is coming to an end, I only just found this app and it’s the best one out there. Please don’t leave me 😭

  8. Woo says:

    Is there a way to remove and keep watching until the end of september? Everytime I close the app and reopen this message pops up and it wont allow me to go back.

    1. OhMyJosh says:

      We don’t think so, we hear it shows as “No Data” and forces you to update the app. Then all you get is that message.

      1. KAMILLA Lavoie says:

        I tried and I was able to open it up without the goodbye message but I just keep getting the no data message when I click on anything

    2. Leo says:

      Hit the update button let the update happen but when it gets to the install screen hit cancel. If you’ve saved your shows to favorites you can still access just have to go thru the fake install a few times.

  9. Riddhi says:

    My heart broke

  10. Edith Davenport says:

    So sad 😢 , is there anything else Comparable out there ?

  11. Anne says:

    This is too sad, now I wont be able to watch my series next episodes, and have nothing to watch anymore, I am a state pensioner and can not afford anything that requires subscriptions, so cannot tell you the emptiness this now brings for me

    1. Aj says:

      Try popcorn time

      1. John says:

        Yea..WITH a VPN

      2. Salman tahir says:

        Popcorn time is not free its vpn cost money

        1. Edith Davenport says:

          Anything else out there ?

          1. Sue says:

            Try freeflixhq. It’s not TTV, but has a similar layout.

  12. Lesley Bennett-Chaney says:

    Gutted…this is my go to app. I have no idwa wjat to do now, as all my shows were saved in favourites. Anyone know of a decent alternative?

  13. Jane says:

    Mine has already closed and can no longer access it ..terrarium is the only app I’ve found that allows me to watch a fantastic amount of tv shows that I can’t find anywhere sad

  14. Edith Davenport says:

    So sad 😢 is there anything else comparable out there ?

  15. Samantha Lloyd says:

    You can not shut terrarium down hundreds of thousands probably millions of people use this app it is the best for tv shows and movies there is nothing else that compares to this ! DO NOT SHUT IT DOWN!

    1. Nitroxeon the one says:

      Okay. Just because you shouted. We will leave it open for you. But just for you mind.

      1. Marian Duffley says:

        Hahahaha. If we all shout can you undo your decision?

      2. jay says:

        Thank you for all support and everything you have done with ttv

      3. Timothy blaze says:

        Please tell us why it’s getting shut down I believe we deserve that!!!! Please…. BEST BEST BEST BEST BEST APP out there!!!!! You know how many times I got laid by having my wife and I watch a romantic movie???? I’m screwed now…. smh

        1. OhMyJosh says:

          Says in the message, he’s moving on to other projects. That’s not to say his next project won’t be something bigger and better than Terrarium.

  16. Jo Watts says:

    Noooooooooo!! Hopefully someone will share an alternative here soon to save us all! 😭

    1. Pete says:

      Tea tv is quite good lots of content

      1. Channy1st says:


      2. OneStunna says:

        Do you have a buffering issue though? I have spent almost an hour trying to watch a 30 minute episode. TTV’s “fastserver” tip was so clutch!

  17. HelenRMad says:

    so frustrating its the best app, Showbox is great but does not have as wide selection of tv series

  18. Rob says:

    Morpheus TV is a good temporary alternative. It is no longer being supported but still works fine. Not as good as Terrarium but not too much worse.

  19. isa says:

    download Popcorntime if u miss terrarium

    1. KAMILLA Lavoie says:

      Is it comparable?? I’m so upset

  20. L Boogie says:

    Here are 3 alternatives well 4..
    1. The Movie DB
    2. Morpheus TV
    3. FreeFlixHQ
    4. OneBoxHD

  21. Marlon Rogers says:

    Iptv next option.

  22. Tomar says:

    It’s feel like 80% of me is Dead -.-

  23. Godric says:

    It is sad….I’ve switched to Morpheus TV for now, hope this helps anyone fill that empty hole Terrarium left us all with. If anyone stumbles onto another one please let us all know.

    1. Mark says:

      This is shutting as well

  24. Victoria says:

    My kids and I are so shocked and saddened by this.
    We all really loved Terrarium but I am sure they got into trouble for providing the free service. Absolutely gutted big time.

  25. Kae Hoop says:

    Grrrrr…this sucks! I hope its just a hack. Is it weird that it says 9/11 and today is 9/10? Does anyone know if this has anything to do with Net Neutrality?

    1. Greg says:

      Nope the person who made app is in Asia. There it is the 11th.

  26. deez nutz says:

    It sucks soooo bad. I would suggest a combo of showbox and kodii for now. There are also lots of sites that host the content provided by terrarium. The way terrarium works if I’m not mistaken is by providing us with the content from the host websites, making it easier to locate and choose the best possible stream. With a little digging, I’m sure you could find one of these such as vidzitv, gorilla video, and daclips and be able to continue to enjoy your movies and series. Also, websites like surf the channel(which now sucks probably for the same reason)should be able to be found. Just haven’t had the need since terrarium. I will update with my findings shortly. If anyone else has any suggestions or would be kind enough to correct me if I’m wrong, please so so.

  27. Kings says:

    F***k man I use this to watch almost every series and movie I feel like breaking down!!!!!

  28. Motomarkk says:

    My life is over . Please help !!!!!

  29. Motomarkk says:

    Help !!!!!

  30. Ashley says:

    Kinda ticked off, we just bought the android box to save money, there is no way I’m going back to spending $200 a month on satellite!!! Those companies are the real crooks! If they don’t want people creating apps to watch these show illegally, maybe the tv companies should lower their prices!

    1. Art says:

  31. Cindy Montalbano says:

    I am dismayed that terrarium TV will no longer be available. As someone who is disabled and on a very limited income it has provided me with countless hours of entertainment such as nothing else has. There were no other apps to even compare with TTV. It’s user-friendliness was Head and Shoulders above all the others and it’s field.

  32. emvee says:

    showbox is the next best thing…

  33. Demi says:

    9/10 NEVER FORGET🇺🇸

    1. Amy says:

      Omg ☠️☠️☠️ I’m laughing so hard at this but it’s sooooo true!!

  34. Eddie C Edgerton says:

    that explains a lot why name is only updated certain shows and only certain movies is on there somebody already know ahead of time I mean I feel torn because just absolutely a whole lot of shows but now all I can do is be sad cuz that was one of the greatest apps in phone history

  35. Dee says:

    Thanks Nitroxeon for the time you gave us. I have only been using for 5 months; your site was so good I uninstalled Kodi from all my FS and didn’t miss it a bit.
    Thanks again and good luck with all !!!

  36. Tommy says:

    I would pay for TTV, just saying! Nitro thanks for all your hard work. You definitely made an impact on the tech world. Good Luck in the future.

  37. Michelle says:

    Is anyone having trouble removing the message from their tv screen?

    1. Sunny says:

      Yes! I can’t close it. And since my firestick updates a cpl weeks ago, it doesn’t reset to trending anymore on its own. How do I close the note?? I have a lot of notes to take before this is all gone…

    2. OneStunna says:

      Click on update but dont install it. You can’t click cancel in the message but you can on the next screen after you hit update.

  38. Kings says:

    Any other suggestions because am freaking out here!!!!!

  39. Heather says:

    I’m devastated!!! I have seen some suggestions and will definitely try them out. Everyone please keep posting new suggestions. I just don’t think there is anything out there as good as TTV was!!! So sad!

    1. Bob the builder says:

      Damn it. Nothing lasts forever. Even sweet ass terrarium tv.

  40. Fred says:

    Yeah, found out an hour ago…. nooooooo! Mid vintage series that i can’t find anywhere else.

    Well, i guess all good things come to an end. Thanks to nitroxenon for this marvellous app. If you ever read this, you are a master coder sir. Respect. You will go on to earn big bucks with some corporation now…

    Popcorn time sucks. So does showbox. As for Kodi with those stupid addons, that provide links that mostly don’t work. My fav part that I really liked about TTV was the link verification process. Each and every link provided always worked. No other app that I’ve tried has that level of confidence.


  41. Khan Thomas says:

    I’m beyond miserable now… this is so unfair… how do I live now

  42. James T Kirk says:

    Goodbye you legendary service….you will be missed

  43. Karolh says:

    An absolutely great app that offered unlimited watching pleasure and I suspect it will be quite difficult to find a source of equivalent quality.

  44. Rob Something says:

    TeaTV seems to work pretty good, albeit it needs a cross of mouse and direction pad to work properly (for android).
    The downfall is the ads are about double what terrarium was…but overall, its seems okay and has been around for a bit actually. I think this may be my go-to outside of Kodi (Neptune Rising) for the moment now that TTV is gone.

    Thank you Peter Chen for the time you had it up for us! To the haters that wouldnt let up and persisted on knocking him down for his hard work…get lost and stop being stuck up!

  45. One from the darkside says:

    Such a fantastic app. Will be sadly missed. But people wouldnt need to create these kind of apps if the robbing bast@*ds at virgin sky and bt didnt need to keep filling the pockets of greedy arsehole CEO’s and managers. But then that will NEVER change 😳

  46. Greg says:

    Nope the person who made app is in Asia. There it is the 11th.

  47. Slinky says:

    😖😖😖😖😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓🤕🤕🤕🤕🤕🤕🤕😳😳😳😳😳😳😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱i just died inside

  48. Tommy says:

    oh god no why no why

  49. Starquin98 says:

    NOOOOOOOO😥😥😥😥😥😥 Say it isn’t so,?? My life is no longer whole😭😭😭

  50. Phil says:

    Just downloaded the app Bobby movie and is a good alternative.

  51. Sunny says:

    I also.cannot get the goodbye note off my screen. My firestick did some funky update a cpl weeks ago and since then, my Terrarium never resets itself back to trending. Will it crash if I click the update? I have to make a lot of notes about shows on my terrarium before it’s dead and buried…

    (I can’t find the note I tried to leave already, so hope this doesn’t post twice.)

  52. Winters says:

    Gee, he couldn’t have just handed it off to someone else to handle? Also, why don’t anonymous people handle these things?

  53. Art says:

    Check out

  54. Channy1st says:

    A couple ppl on here suggested try Tea tv so I did it’s kind of similar to ttv. Now whatever project released in the future by Mr. Chen I’m all in for I look forward to your work in the near future. With all the praise your getting here I’m sure it will be as hard for you to stay away as it is is living without you genus. Happy travels and may our paths cross again soon. R.I.P. TTV

  55. Stephen G. Younger II says:

    I thought Morpheus tv was shut down?

  56. Audra Bachstein says:

    Teatv is the closest I have found, try that

    1. mark anderson says:

      teatv not bad apart from the bloody adverts

  57. Sed says: in DOWNLOADER.

  58. faizul says:

    Hi All. Im from Malaysia. I have on my phone cartoonhd and terrarium. Now that terrarium is gone, all my alone time with it is gone. Thanka alot for all the joy you give us. I feel like half on my heart is gone with ttv.

  59. SallySadness says:

    I’m totally devastated…whyyyyyyy???😫😫😫

  60. Andrew Lewis says:

    i am pissed i tried the paying for it like they wanted but they got greedy wanting more and more so screw the people thanks

  61. Jeeya Deori says:

    Please don’t do this to us… this is the only source from where maximum of the people watches their favourite tv shows and movies .. don’t shut this down… you can do the new project and mean while give less amount of time here too.

  62. Salman tahir says:

    I loved this app this is my fav app it is the only app that i ever liked so far i beg u to not shut it down i was just starting to enjoy it plz dont do this i love this app plz dont close this app or sync it

  63. Kinshuk says:

    WTF man i love ttv ….😫

  64. Praggya Das says:

    I’m gutted. That’s all I can say.

    1. l sherriff says:

      terrarium tv thankyou for all your hard work and goodluck with future projects. people looking for an alternative try teatv. 2nd best to terrarium tv imo. works on android and firestick, easy to install on firestick. make sure you have the downloader app. open downloader, click on browse, clear the space(add) and type in click on install for android then it loads up. very similar to ttv. works fine

  65. Ddarkone says:

    I used to watch showbox then I got TTV was in love, every device I have I have it downloaded on it I even refer it to my friends, what to do now watch YouTube? @$!#/

  66. Sreekutty Sreenivas says:

    Please come back. I cannot believe that u did this :'( . Nitro xenon pls bring it back. :'( :'( :'(

  67. Amber says:

    Moviebox sucks. Freeflix hq sucks. Redbox sucks. The list goes on. They either just sit there and buffer continuously or u have to have an account. Morpheus seems to be the only one that’s comparable to terrarium so far.

  68. Kai says:

    TTV was my go to app to take me away from the stress of the world. Damn…… I will miss it.

    Thank you for this app NitroXenon.
    Thank you!!!!!!!!

  69. Hazel says:

    Real sad by this thanks for everything thus far. Guys try crowns lite apk

  70. jimifabby says:

    ahhhhhhhhh i so angry i love this app ive been useing it for 2 years why meeeeeee and all the people of this sad world ──█████▄

  71. jimifabby says:

    why meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

  72. Rob says:

    The cracked version of Terrarium TV is still working great.
    www Free-Cable com

  73. Big says:

    Doesnt work anymore

  74. Deepak says:

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  75. ankit says:

    you can use alternative app

  76. Peter Chan says:

    TTV was indeed the best app for the purpose but we still have alternatives.

    1. MaddOx says:

      There will always be alternatives, but as it was a favourite for many, some people can’t find anything they enjoy as good and many have returned to paid subscription services such as Amazon Prime Video and Netflix.

  77. VidMix App says:

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