The Elder Scrolls Blades mobile game: Will I ever get on?

by MaddOx
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Ok, so Bethesda recently released The Elder Scrolls Blades on PC, for which you can find out how to download it HERE from our friends at Android Tutorial. But what if you don’t want to download it to your PC and want to play it on the go instead, using your mobile?

Well, you should be able to because although it isn’t released you can get early access to the app in the Google Play store. The problem is, will we ever get to play it? I ask that question because every time we try to we get the image below:

Now, we understand the reason for this, and if there were any bugs in the game too, after all, it isn’t in full release yet. But having to wait around for a notification to say when you can play just seems to us a little, well, silly. A much better way would to be be to allow access to select regions with specific times and dates at which you can play. Because then you can adjust things like bathroom schedules so you can play whilst you poop for example.

Instead, I’m sitting here like a fool waiting for a notification to tell me when I can play. And you just know that sod’s law is that it’ll happen when I’m somewhere inappropriate like in the cinema, at work or during the middle of someone’s funeral. If developers really do want players to test their games and feedback, they shouldn’t be making gamers bow to their needs, they should be playing to the gamers needs, otherwise you’re going to suffer and receive reduced amounts of feedback, some of which could be very important.

We hold out hope that one day, we will finally be able to play the game before release. But for now, we just sit in silence staring blankly at our phones instead.

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