Summer in Mara Trailer Shared Ahead of June 16th Release!

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Summer in Mara is under a week away for Nintendo Switch and Steam players! To get everyone prepared, Chibig Studio has shared a new story trailer today giving further context to the narrative adventure of Koa.

Watch Summer in Mara story trailer below:

Summer in Mara is a mix of farming simulation and a story-based adventure rolled into one as players will visit new islands, make new friends, and learn more about the evil corporation Elit, which wants to conquer Mara. As Koa, Chibig Studio wants players to feel like they’re exploring the world of Mara to make it a better place. Featuring over 30 hours of playtime with 250+ missions, the warm adventure is set around growth and character development through personal experience.

Those who’d like to play before launch can try the free prologue released by Chibig Studio on Steam now.

Keep in touch with the latest Summer in Mara news by visiting Chibig’s website, following the team on Twitter, and joining their Discord.

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