Suffer the Night receives April release date

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Get ready for a haunting experience like no other! Assemble Entertainment and developer Tainted Pact are set to release Suffer the Night, a thrilling horror game, on Steam on April 17th. This game is sure to take players back to the nostalgic 80s slasher era, complete with classic dungeon-crawler gameplay.

In Suffer the Night, you take on the role of Stacey Liden, a horror illustrator living in an isolated cabin in the woods. Things take a sinister turn when she receives a mysterious floppy disk that unleashes a terrifying and threatening stranger into her world. As you progress through the text-based adventure, the horrors within the game start to seep into reality, leaving Stacey to fight for survival against unimaginable terrors.

Suffer the Night creepy face

To mark the release date announcement, the developer has revealed a set of new screenshots for the game. These eerie images are bound to send shivers down your spine and give you a glimpse of the horrors that await.

The game offers a unique combination of two horror genres, blending the anxiety of the text-based adventure with the dread of first-person survival horror. Players will have to flex their old-school gaming muscles to progress through the terrifying text-based dungeon crawler game within game. But beware, the mysterious figure who delivered the floppy disk is not shy about making his presence known and interrupting your progress.

If you’re brave enough to face the horrors that await, a free demo of the game is available now on Steam. Follow Assemble Entertainment on social media and join their official Discord server to stay up to date on the latest news about Suffer the Night. Don’t miss the chance to experience this hair-raising adventure on April 17th, 2023!

Suffer the Night screenshot of items on a table

Key features of Suffer the Night: 

  • Horror Beyond Comprehension: A highlight of this title is the text-based dungeon crawler “game within a game” filled with grisly scenarios and vivid descriptions of the atrocities wherein. Players will need to flex their old-school gaming muscles to progress within the stories, both inside the Eldrixon and out.
  • Don’t Let Him In: While playing through the floppy disk game, the mysterious figure who delivered it isn’t shy about making his presence known. Be sure to address any…interruptions…he causes, or suffer the consequences.
  • A Chilling Combination: Suffer the Night expertly weaves two genres of horror games into one, balancing the chilling anxiety of the text-based adventure with the dread of first-person survival horror

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