After 6 months of intense combat, they’re halfway there! On March 23rd, the fifth major update is landing for Starpoint Gemini 3. And what an update it is! In the words of a brave man: “That’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind”.

Developer Little Green Men Games are also happy to announce that with entering the beta stage of development, their game is making a huge jump forward.

The storyline finally continues revealing more of their favourite Star Wars comics writer’s inspired ideas, capital ships are coming to life, your ADAH drone away missions are now a killing spree, commlinks are jammed with numerous vivid events unfolding before your eyes… And one last detail you can’t miss, captain Bold is dead – long live the new captain Bold!

Yes, the original main character has been retired and sent to the sulphur marshes of Extera. In his place, a brand-new space dude sits, properly handsome and with an impeccable taste in fashion!

Check out the new teaser for the Starpoint Gemini 3 beta below:

You can read the endless list of changes and new goodies by clicking right HERE.

This is the perfect time to jump back into the game and feast your eyes on all the goodies transforming Starpoint Gemini 3 into a different kind of beast!

For even more gaming news, click right HERE.

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