Spellcraft launches public alpha on April 6th

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Today, One More Game, an independent developer, has announced that their upcoming real-time battler game, Spellcraft, will make its debut on Steam with a public alpha test starting on April 6, 2023.

Spellcraft is a new type of strategy game that lets players actively command an entire team of heroes and outplay opponents. In this game, players can choose their party of three heroes and fine-tune their strategy by selecting unique and powerful spells for each hero. By casting well-timed spells, players can showcase their tactical mastery, deal damage, and disrupt their opponent’s plans.

Spellcraft gameplay

Spellcraft is developed by the creators of popular games such as StarCraft, Diablo, Guild Wars, League of Legends, and Magic: Arena. The game combines elements of competitive online multiplayer and tactical strategy games into an accessible, free-to-play package. The battles are brief and action-filled, ensuring players can get more wins in their game time.

Co-founder of One More Game, Jamie Winsor, said, “We chose our studio’s name as an aspiration: we want to make things that get players to say ‘alright, just one more game!’ In other words, we want to make games players love.” Winsor added, “We’ve been running private playtests with real players throughout the course of Spellcraft’s development, and the version of the game that we’re playing today is something we’re very proud of — and a little anxious about! — to finally put it in front of the world. We can’t wait to hear what you think.”

The public alpha of Spellcraft will be available for playtesting on Steam and open to all players unless demand exceeds expectations. Content creators are also invited to stream and create content about Spellcraft. They can apply to join the creator program to receive rewards for participating in the public alpha by visiting https://go.playspellcraft.com/AlphaCreators.

Spellcraft gameplay overview

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