Space Raiders in Space Pays Homage to Hatred

by MaddOx
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Space Raiders in Space, the tower defence roguelike with pulp comic style from publisher Destructive Creations and developer 2 Stupid Devs, introduces a new mode inspired by Hatred today on PC. 

This new update injects SRiS’s tongue-in-cheek humour into the over-the-top themes of Hatred, the violent twin-stick shooter that sold close to 400,000 copies, replacing those angry aliens with silly civilians.

Space Raiders in Space Trailer – Now with Hatred Expansion

Key Features

  • Step into the shoes of Hatred antagonist Mr. “Not Important”;
  •  Defend against waves of humans and eight new civilian bosses in six re-themed maps;
  • Craft three new buildables, including the Dinomight bundle, a powerful explosive capable of removing pesky things like limbs;
  • Enjoy new improvements to the base game, like the explosive new alien type named Karen as well as balance changes.
Space Raiders in Space combat gameplay

Space Raiders in Space is now available on PC via Steam in English. Visit the Hatred DLC Steam page and follow TwitterInstagramFacebook, and Twitch for more information.

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