Space Raiders in Space Launches Comedic Comic-Inspired Tower Defense on PC Today

by Chris Camilleri
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Space Raiders in Space, the tower defense roguelike with pulp comic style from publisher Destructive Creations and developed by 2 Stupid Devs, gets the hell out of Early Access and starts blasting aliens on Steam today.

The 1.0 version introduces an expansive new story mode and a raider’s bounty of levels and more.

space raiders

Years after grizzled war hero Andy and Xeno-biologist Heather make first contact with an alien force dubbed The Hivemind, a friendship between Homo sapiens and the strange creatures exists among the stars. But when The Hivemind suddenly attacks, Andy, Heather, and an unlikely assortment of allies start shooting and save the questions for later. There’s probably a good reason for their attack, but, eh, who spoils the whole plot in a press release?

Embark on a pulpy sci-fi saga in an all-new story campaign told through more than forty pages of classic comic-inspired art, complete with campy voice acting. Play intergalactic exterminator in tactical combat blending tower defense strategy with roguelike action gameplay. Prepare defenses, issue orders to crew members, and topple The Hivemind’s deadly waves of aliens with all manner of over-the-top weaponry.

Wield Super Time Stop PowersTM (isn’t that just a pause button?) to take a breather during battles to issue commands and re-assess the field. Lay traps, assault turrets, and more devious contraptions to halt the alien’s advances and tailor the arena to your murderous tastes. Each character’s innate abilities and skills offer much-needed boons. But be prepared, as some traits might produce undesirable effects. They’re only human, after all. Gross little meatbags, really.

Fight through the nine-chapter story mode to see Andy and Heather’s adventure unfold across exotic locales like abandoned cities, derelict spaceships, and an interstellar strip club before returning to battle in Endless modes. Soak in the scenery and scenarios infused with humorous writing, science-fiction sendups, and a healthy dose of pulpy easter eggs.

“With Space Raiders in Space, even our title is a joke, but we have surprises up our sleeves,” said Loren, the literate half of the 2 Stupid Devs. “Show up for some stupid jokes and walk away pleasantly surprised by a deeper-than-expected story and addictive, fun gameplay.”

Space Raiders in Space is now available on PC via Steam in English. Share some beets with the devs on their Discord server and follow TwitterInstagramFacebook, and Twitch for more information.

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