Exactly three years ago, developer Boxelware sent its first players into the massive space of Avorion. Since the early access launch on Steam, a lot has changed in this fascinating sandbox space game. A new trailer now highlights the game’s impressive growth.

Avorion 3 year Progress trailer

The young development team is still working on new features for the space game with the help of the community. Just a few months after the launch on Steam, extensive features were introduced with first updates, including the opportunity to join alliances or design your own fighter crafts.

In 2018, new defence weapons and a turret building mode were added. By now, players can even give orders to their ships, send them out across the galaxy and conquer enemy ships and stations. Players who do not enjoy warfare can find diplomatic solutions and agree on an armistice.

Just last week Boxelware also presented the revised ship generator in a new video, which players can use to create new impressive ships and space stations.

Of course, the plans for additional features do not end there: In the future, players will get a look at boss fights and the endgame content.

The official release of Avorion, which has reached over 250.000 sales on Steam, is planned for spring 2020.

avorion gameplay

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