We’ve previewed the title and we’ve interviewed members of the team from the game’s developer, CI Games. Now, we’re reviewing the final release of Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts.

I have been very fortunate to get my hands on CI Games latest instalment to their Ghost Warrior series, Contracts. This new game takes you away from the special forces missions like in Ghost Warrior 3 and puts you in the shoes of a contract sniper equipped with an AR Mask, an awesome full-body suit that can heal you faster and reduce fall damage and an extensive arsenal of guns and gadgets.

When it comes to the story of the game, it feels more about individual contracts. Which you would guess when it comes to the game’s title. But there is a running theme, as you are taken through the history of Siberia, the issues the country has with its rulers, the corruption, the poverty. And as happens in any country where that takes place, there is a resistance that wish to overthrow the regime. Each level you enter has a different contract, a target that if taken out, would help the people of Siberia liberate their home.

Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts gameplay

Right from the very start, you’re thrust into the tutorial, where you are given a Model RON B82 primary rifle to take your very first long-range shots. In this quick opening to the game, you get to use the new DRS system and feel the raw power these rifles are capable of, as well as some of the special bullets and gadgets you can use. The tutorial then carries on and integrates into the first mission to help you adapt to the new gameplay style.

One thing you’ll notice as you enter that first mission if you’re a fan of the series is Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts new approach to the one large environment. Which personally, is perfect. It adds real replayability of each level as there are so many paths to take to reach your goal. Plus the use of side missions that you can go back to at any point is another point I like that adds to the replayability. This method allows for faster loading time and better optimisation, plus the visuals are stunning.

Another new feature is the Dynamic Range System which is really easy to understand and makes you feel like a real sniper, The DRS gives you semi-adjustable range starting from zero going up in hundreds to two hundred then you can increase the range up by increments of ten to tune them perfect headshots and get that greatly satisfying cinematic shot.

The system also gives you a windage reading with an arrow in the middle of the scope with a numerical reading and a white line that fades in and out showing the path of the bullet in accordance with the distance of your shot. Both elements combined make for a very skilled and wholesome feeling when you take the shot on the enemy you have in your crosshairs.

The AR Mask is a brilliant feature to the game as well. This gives you the ability to spot and mark enemies, scan the local area for the enemy ordinance and hidden paths to new and cool sniping locations, of which there are plenty on each level.

In terms of movement mechanics, it feels very natural as you crawl sprint and jump around in-game Siberia. When scoped in and looking around you can quickly and effectively move from target to target and get them fast, even with follow up shots. However, to me, when using secondary weapons, i.e. your machine gun and pistol, the movement feels slower than the rifle.

Looking left and right felt very heavy, which I noticed when I got caught out once or twice by enemies at close range. It’s strange as the sniping feels near perfect whereas the secondary weapon and sidearm don’t feel as responsive and snappy.

As you may have heard during our interview with CI Games, they wanted to strike a good balance between realism and fun. And it’s safe to say Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts does have a great sense of realism to it on any difficulty. Which makes it so much more rewarding. The gun sway defiantly adds to the realism too, although can sometimes be a bit much. But, you can hold your breath for short periods of time to steady your shots.

The level of customisation in Contracts lets you alter your guns to look and work just how you want them to, with extra attachments and skins. An addition to the game that was suggested by the game’s fanbase. We all know that a cool skin makes you play better too, it’s just a fact! Using a new sight on the secondaries is a worthy upgrade from the iron sights too.

Guns aren’t the only thing that can be upgraded though, your suit can be too, in many ways. And you can pick upgrades that specifically suit your playstyle, whether that is being harder to spot and stay stealthy or harder to kill and go in all guns blazing with your fully upgraded AR.

Overall, Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts is a brilliant game which I will be playing a lot of in the future. Whilst I felt the secondary weapon and sidearm may not be as responsive, I suppose you can’t be too upset with that, as, after all, this is a sniper game. And in that aspect, the game is very well built, with stunning visuals and awesome gameplay that will draw you in making you feel like a true contract sniper.

Sniper Ghost Warrior Contract scope sights

Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts is developed and published by CI Games. The title will be available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One, and will be available for release on November 22nd, 2019.

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