Recently, I was very lucky to be invited to a top-secret SGWC (Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts) event as a representative for FULLSYNC. This is the first time I have been personally invited to an event so I had no idea what to expect. I was so excited and couldn’t wait to see what I’d be getting up to.

I have always loved playing games, young Kirsty would watch her older brother play games on the Playstation 1 like Street Fighter and Gran Turismo. So I was always interested in gaming, and as I grew up I bought my own Xbox and my love grew from there.

I was always playing games like Call Of Duty, Battlefield and some Fortnite (Don’t judge me, It’s a great game once you get used to getting wrecked by 8-year-olds!). But I was always a little scared to try to snipe. In my opinion, sniping is a skill that only some people have and I was never good enough to fully try. So when I was invited to try out SGWC I really had no idea how well it would go down. But I was pleasantly surprised!


Once you have sat down in your PC chair, headset on, you are ready to play. I truly recommend not going straight into the game. Most games by habit, I will always skip the tutorial and jump right into it but this isn’t a game you should do that. Load up the tutorial and allow yourself to figure everything out.

The HUD is simple and easy to adapt around, even if you are a first-time sniper player. Follow the instructions and repeat. I didn’t pay attention to the directions and struggled but once I had figured out how to use the scope, I did great. The tutorial blends right into the first mission of the game, the transition feels as smooth as a baby’s bum and you don’t lose that focus at any point.

I love the options to change the distancing on the scope to fit each person you are sniping at. Use the binoculars, find your target and mark them. You can change the elevation and range in your scope to fit the mark distance to shoot them accurately. Quite often, if you shoot the mark accurately enough it will set off a cinematic. The cinematic is a mix of camera angles and zoom on your bullet which adds to the shot satisfaction. I managed to pull off 5 cinematic headshots in a row and it felt so good!

SGWC Gameplay Footage

The aim of the game is to be stealthy, unpredictable to each mark and collect character info for certain targets whilst remaining at a safe distance at all times. You can get up close and dirty by using the pistols and Automatic Rifles which you carry at all times, but it can get pretty dangerous very quickly!

I was allowed to play the game as much as I wanted during the event day but was sad when the time was up and needed to leave. This is a new type of game to me but damn it was addictive. I left feeling even more excited for release day which is 22nd November. And will definitely buy the game just so I can brag about how many cinematic shots I end up getting!

If you are new to sniping games, or a sniping veteran you will absolutely love this game. The environments are beautiful – The game is set in Siberia so lots of crunchy snow and rocky mountains lit up by the sky. When nighttime hits, the mist rolls in and you can almost feel the icy wind touching your face.

Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts PCs and People

You can really tell how much love the developers have put into this game, they have focused on all the tiny details that feel are somewhat forgotten about in other games.

You learn to appreciate every single kill you get from the get-go which I struggle to find in games like Call of Duty or Fortnite. Get this game and you can thank me later!

Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts (SGWC) is developed and published by CI Games. The game is due for release for PC, PS4 and Xbox One on November 22, 2019.

Don’t forget to check out how Kirsty (ISeeZombieszz) got on when she tried Airsoft for the first time at the SGWC event, you’ll find the video HERE. And you can also check out more of our game previews and reviews by clicking HERE.

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