Slaughter League Free Trial

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Slaughter League, the deadly game show racing platformer from developer Microwave Games and publisher Freedom Games, is calling all speedrunner lovers to join its free demo weekend event Friday, 2 April – Saturday, 3 April along with a new adrenaline-pumping trailer.

Slaughter League Playtest Trailer

Survive an onslaught of murderous obstacles like wrecking balls, buzzsaws, spike traps, and alligator pits in the world’s most dangerous competition. Gain an advantage by bypassing checkpoints or just push other competitors into the deadly hazards and leave them in the dust.

Customize contestants with a wide selection of hilarious cosmetics ranging from speedos and mohawks to cowboy hats and dinosaur masks. Then try out alternate game types like Zombie Mode to spice things up.

Slaughter League gameplay

Claim fame in Slaughter League’s free alpha demo weekend today to survive this fast-paced multiplayer battle royal extravaganza Friday 12pm to 8pm PDT and Saturday 10am to 6pm PDT.

Go to for more information about future demo events and new gameplay modes!

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