May 8th saw the release of Sin Slayers: Enhanced Edition for Xbox One console. The game reinterprets the classic dark fantasy adventure in an ironic way. It combines dark plot with funny dialogues. The frightening atmosphere becomes funny thanks to stylized pixel graphics.

The game got a timed exclusive difficulty mode for Xbox One called “HELL”. The base price of the game will be $19.99, depending on the region.

Sin Slayers Enhanced Edition Xbox One Case

Sin Slayers is stylized as a grim RPG about adventures in the afterlife. The player needs to assemble, equip and lead a team of heroes with unique strengths and weaknesses that will determine the strategy of battle. To save yourself, you will have to defeat seven lords of deadly sins. Players can expect turn-based battles, random generation of locations in the best traditions of Roguelite genre and the individual difficulty of each playthrough.

Developers tried to collect all possible clichés of the genre and turn them into a joke. Heroes instantly become chosen and go to fight not with ordinary demons, but with the Sinlords, embodiment of deadly sins. Stylized pixel graphics emphasize the cheerful atmosphere of hapless adventures, in which dark tones contrast with rich vivid colors.

The special edition for XBOX Sin Slayers Enhanced Edition includes all the add-ons released for the PC: Snow Peak, new heroes, weapons, monsters, quests and a timed exclusive Hell mode.

In Hell Mode player squad gets enhanced experience for each completed task or victory in battle. However, opponents become much stronger, which is manifested not only in their health and attack, but also in additional abilities, modifiers and debuffs.

Sin Slayers Enhanced Edition key features:

  • Xbox exclusive “Hell” mode
  • Random generation of locations provides huge potential for replayability. The player encounters new secrets, events and monsters.
  • Roguelite with Dungeon Crawler elements.
  • Classic turn-based JRPG combat system.
  • 12 heroes, each with their unique abilities, skills and weaknesses
  • Sin system changes the difficulty of the playthrough depending on players actions.
  • Additional Snow Peak location, part of the expansion included with the XBox version.

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