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Bonus Costumes and New Gameplay Trailer Also Revealed Today

Today Square Enix Ltd., released a free demo for BALAN WONDERWORLD™. The demo offers a sneak peek at all the whimsy and magic the game has in store ahead of its March 26th release. By downloading and playing the demo, players can unlock platform-specific bonus costumes, which can be enjoyed when playing the full game after purchase.

Blue Launcher – PlayStation 5™/PlayStation®4 Edition
The Blue Launcher costume shoots blue bullets studded with 〇× to the front when standing still, which can defeat enemies or destroy blocks.

Star Launcher – Nintendo Switch™ EditionThe Star Launcher costume shoots sparkling star bullets to the front when standing still, which can defeat enemies or destroy blocks. 
X Launcher – Xbox Series X|S/Xbox One EditionThe X Launcher costume shoots green, glowing X-shaped bullets to the front when standing still, which can defeat enemies or destroy blocks. 
Steam Launcher – Steam® EditionThe Steam Launcher costume shoots three linked valve-shaped bullets to the front when standing still, which can defeat enemies or destroy blocks. 
In addition, Square Enix unveiled the brand-new True Happiness is an Adventure trailer, which showcases a range of the 80 in-game costumes and fantastical adventures that await in Wonderworld.

The demo features three of BALAN WONDERWORLD’s twelve magical worlds, and also supports local two-player co-op that can be enjoyed with friends and family by plugging-in and pressing any button on a second controller. Players can battle Negati, play Balan’s Bout mini-games and collect Balan Statues together as Leo and Emma, combining abilities from different costumes to explore each wonderous world and access new paths that are unavailable in solo play.
To find the BALAN WONDERWORLD demo, search “BALAN WONDERWORLD” on each respective platform: PlayStation®5/PlayStation®4, Nintendo Switch™, Xbox Series X|S/Xbox One, Steam®.
* The Steam® edition will be available for download from 5pm

BALAN WONDERWORLD will release March 26th, 2021 on PlayStation®5, PlayStation®4, Nintendo Switch™, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and Steam®. The game is available to pre-order now here: Physical copies of the game also include a collectable Balan Theatre ticket, while supplies last.


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* The bonus costume will be added to the full game by reading the demo play data.
* The bonus costumes will be unlocked from the release date of the full game.
*On PlayStation®5/PlayStation®4/Nintendo Switch™/Xbox Series X|S/Xbox One, the full game must be played with the account that downloaded the demo.
* To obtain the bonus costume, the demo and full game must be played on the same platform.
* For the Steam® edition, the bonus costume can be obtained by playing the full game when save data from the demo is present. However, please be aware that purchasing the full game without save data from the demo present will prevent you from claiming the bonus.

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