Sherwood Extreme Bullet-Time Dives into Steam Early Access on 12 May

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Sherwood Extremethe free-to-play crossbow shooter with bullet-time and ridiculous co-op action, takes aim at Steam Early Access for PC and Mac on Wednesday, 12th May 2021. Also revealed today, CAGE Studios will bring the full release to Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One in addition to the previously announced Steam version in Q4 2021.

When a horde of goblins rears their ugly faces in Sherwood Forest, who better to save the day than Robin Hood, renowned master of archery, parkour, and sick mid-air headshots? Slow-motion dive to dodge incoming arrows, vault over spinning death wheels, and snipe goblins in stylish form. Claim the treasure at each level’s end while racking up a huge combo multiplier, shaving seconds off the clock for the biggest possible score.

From the fiery heart of a volcano to the towers and parapets of Nottingham Castle, a whole kingdom awaits. Search for power-ups, collectible secrets, and goblin heads to explode. Bring the loot back to Robin’s hideout to obtain ridiculous period-appropriate outfits, fashionable gear buffed with upgrades, and historically accurate weapons like the rapid-fire Minigun Crossbow.

Sherwood Extreme – Early Access Announcement Trailer

Combine powers with other merry men and women in co-op multiplayer. Grapple onto your partner’s shoulders from across the map to speedrun together and buff each other with shield abilities. Split up to tackle mini-raids and stand together in wave-based survival levels. Challenge daily Epic and Mythic quests with clever twists like explosive enemy arrows, punishing traps, and an irresponsible number of power-ups.

Tens of thousands of level variations, thousands of unlockables, and fully kitted leaderboards mark Season One of Sherwood Extreme. Each season will herald a new leveling system with hundreds of items available for free, dozens more for Kingdom Pass owners, plus exclusive rewards for the finest archers in the land. Come one, come all, ye speedrunners from corners of the realm, to redefine medieval fashion and pull off sweet backflips!

The best times we’ve had together have been adventurous, hilarious, and chaotic. In our equally outrageous creation, we added mountable boars and chicken jetpacks!

Gabriel Langlois, lead developer and co-founder of CAGE Studios

We made this game to give way to those insanely fun and ridiculous times. Starting Day One and with every update, we make for you, fun comes first, whether you play for free or support us with a Kingdom Pass.

Salaar Kohari, game director and fellow co-founder
Sherwood Extreme Goblin variety

Sherwood Extreme will release for free via Steam Early Access for PC and Mac on 12 May, 2021. The debut Kingdom Pass for Season One unlocks hundreds of items and exclusive quests for 500 Cage Coins (equalling around $5 USD). The full release will welcome Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One in Q4 2021.

Join the Sherwood Extreme Discord server for community events, private playtests, and to sharpen your goblin-sniping skills with other medieval assassins. Find CAGE Studios on their official websiteInstagramTwitter, and Facebook.

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