It’s been a while now – long enough for the enjoyment of not having to see other people have long ceased. If you liked being alone at first, chances are that after a prolonged period of self-isolation, you might be feeling a little different. If you are stuck alone, or if you need a break from your housemates or family you can turn to gaming for social contact.

There are all sorts of games out there where players can chat and mingle, but which give you the best sense of being social when in self-isolation? This is a list of games that stand out from the crowd and will make you feel like you actually left your house.

Live Blackjack

This is the best game to try if you’ve never actually been to an online casino but want to try. Blackjack is incredibly easy to learn, it’s not nearly as intimidating as poker, and you can play it with a real dealer any time of day and night, no matter what country you’re in.

If you prefer to play in another language (or polish up your Spanish, French, German or even Finnish at there are many sites where you can play safely and legally. Here you can chat with the dealer and actually feel like you’re sitting around the table at a real casino instead of being in self-isolation. If you have a good sound system it’s worth to turn it up a bit – these games are shot in a live casino studio, and the ambient noise is a bit reassuring – it feels like quite a crowded place.

If you’re not too sure about the rules, every site will have a guide, and give you some free cash to play with if you create an account, even if you don’t make a deposit. It’s definitely worth checking out – so put down that pint of Ben and Jerry’s, make yourself a martini, dress up, and join the live card tables, or a live round of roulette with some of the best dealers in the industry, and forget about self-isolation for a bit.

Live BVlackjack being played online, a great way to make contact with people duribng self-isolation


Yeah, we went there. Sometimes playing games where you battle it out and dropkick each other into oblivion, guns and explosive blazing isn’t the best way to make friends. It might be stress-relieving and fun, but when it comes to playing a game where you make human contact and feel like you can slow down for a bit, scrabble is an old favourite when it comes to playing together.

Forget the violence and tactics for a while – let’s just go down to pure wit. There are a lot of places where you can play Scrabble online and one of the best ones is Scrabble GO. You can play with friends or with strangers and have a ton of interface options to help ease the loneliness felt by self-isolation.

Scrabble GO replaced Habsbro Scrabble this year – it’s a newer, flashier version of the regular awkward Scrabble made for a new generation of players. Social groups for Scrabble GO can feel more like study groups – it’s a great opportunity to add to your vocabulary. Scrabble Go Word finders are also on the rise and you can find the best one HERE.

Scrabble GO logo

NBA 2K20

If you’re missing the NBA right now, why not take matters into your own hands during self-isolation? This is a great time to do so, because of the increased player control and customization options in this 2K. Playstation 4, PC, Nintendo Switch and Xbox compatible – you can play with a network of 2 to 10 different players, this is one of the best sports games out right now. A thing worth mentioning is that this game hit the jackpot when it comes to player customization every time. Every player not only looks but has a different feel of gameplay – a truly personalized experience.

WOW Classic

Have you noticed how a lot of people have started to watch the good old classics from their childhood after a certain amount of self-isolation? Maybe it gives them comfort or helps to transport them into a better and simpler time? Let us travel back to the world of Azeroth and battle it out with literally millions of other people.

However, for many people, this game is something that they haven’t experienced before. The self-isolation inspired many people to check out different types of games. For example, some visited Apple pay casino sites where they could play casino games for real money. Others decided to give RPGs like Witcher. And there are those who wanted to explore the World of Warcraft.

If you have been intimidated by the more experienced players in this game and aren’t sure if it’s worth starting, think about it this way – when else are you going to have this much time to blow through the levels? The time is now.

Path of Exile

If you’re down on your luck, the Path of Exile is free to play – it’s gameplay is reminiscent of an old school RPG where you battle it through slash-and-go battles and can reminisce about Diablo 3 – in a way, these two games are very similar. The developers took the moral high ground and made the game totally free – this is why we think it deserves a special spot on this list of games to play during self-isolation. In times not all of us can give our budget to gaming, the Path of Exile is there for us.

Path of Exile logo

Don’t Be Lonely

If you’re in the mood to slash and hack – or if you’d rather sit down with an adult beverage and play a civilized game of blackjack or scrabble, don’t wait! Explore the world beyond self-isolation, and see if you can still have some fun! You can even check out the latest FULLSYNC giveaway HERE where they have teamed up with Confused Pigeon Studios to encourage people to Stay Home and Stay Safe in self-isolation by giving away 250 copies of their upcoming game, Run Kitty Run.

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