Sandberg unveil powerbank for both laptop and mobile devices

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There are thousands of charging accessories for mobiles on the market. Sandberg now takes the concept to the next level with the All-in1 Laptop Powerbank, which is not just a high-capacity powerbank for mobile devices but can also give your laptop longer battery time.

What’s more, it has a plate for wireless charging built in.

The new release comes complete with a whole range of adapters, each suitable for a range of laptops.

Our objective is to provide a product that fully meets the need for power on the move. Regardless of whether you’re a wildlife photographer, contractor, salesperson, hiker or festivalgoer, you will be on the safe side.

Brand Director at Sandberg A/S Anders Partida Petersen

The Sandberg All-in1 Laptop Powerbank is on the way into stores and webshops now.

Sandberg All-in-1 Laptop Powerbank various shots

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