RLCS: Spring Major preview

by MaddOx
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It’s that time again! Time for the major of the THIRD & FINAL split, the Spring split! Where is this major being held I hear you asking? Copperbox Arena, London! Yours truly will be attending and doing some day-by-day coverage to keep you up to date on all the happenings and if things go well, we might even have some interviews with some players for you all!

But before we get to those interviews, we need to find out who our potential candidates will be! Which teams will be taking to the famous stage of the Copperbox Arena, representing their regions, hoping for glory, but not only that. This is the final chance to clinch positions for worlds! 

So, first, we’ll be listing every team from every region, subs & coaches included for the Spring Major. Each table will be in the order of seeding, from left to right will be the first to X seed, depending on representatives of each region.

North America (NA)

G2 EsportsFaZe ClanVersion 1Spacestation GamingOptic Gaming (Envy)
C) SatthewC) AxBC) FireburnerC) ChromeS) Turbopolsa
S) jasper
Key: C) Coach, S) Substitute

Europe (EU)

Team BDSMoist EsportsTeam LiquidKarmine CorpEndpoint CeX
M0nkey M00nJoyoAcroniK.itachiRelatingWave
C) MewC) noahC) XpéreC) EversaxC) Eclipse
S) MaRc_By_8.S) Areleyobi
Key: C) Coach, S) Substitute

Oceania (OCE) & South America

Pioneers (OCE)PWR (OCE)FURIA Esports (SAM)Team Secret (SAM)
ScrubAmphisCaio TG1Sad
C) ThreesC) JimmahC) KairosC) BRUNOVISQUII
C) ProfC) STL
Key: C) Coach, S) Substitute

Asia-Pacific (APAC) & Middle East & North Africa (MENA)

Gaimin Gladiators (APAC)Team Falcons (MENA)
C) OSMS) bo0odi44
Key: C) Coach, S) Substitute

OKAY! So now we know who is attending the LAN, we can talk about some of the teams. The first big surprise for me would be Team Liquid. It isn’t necessarily a surprise because I don’t think they’re good enough to be at a major, because they absolutely are. It’s just this, Team Liquid since jumping into the RLCS have gone through so many roster changes, including dropping a roster completely and replacing it with what they have now.

But the issue they had was that this season you had to be 15 to compete in the RLCS, this changes to 14 next season I believe. So this is the first split they’ve actually been able to compete in this season with this roster as Oski & Atow only turned 15 in February. But this incredibly young roster is proving to be absolute giants, for the record AcroniK is 16. Every time a team has asked a question of them this split, they’ve answered it emphatically. Picking up TWO top 4 finishes in the Spring split, including one top TWO finish.

Beating teams like Moist in what fans are dubbing the ‘Soggy Showdown’ please stop calling it this, Karmine Corp and Dignitas who have failed to make it to LAN for the first time this season. Pretty impressive showing if you ask me! 

The next thing for me is a noticeable absentee. No Renegades representing OCE this time round! Instead, the young blood of Pioneers make their second LAN in a row and after failing to make the Winter major Torsos gets to return to LAN with Grou- Sorry, PWR! As much as I love the Renegades boys, I am happy to get more time watching Amphis! A very exciting, quite mechanical player who for newcomers and veterans alike brings something different to the viewing experience.

The next big thing I want to talk about before I move on to my predictions. Team Falcons, formerly Sandrock Gaming (SRG) are attending this LAN WITH THEIR FULL STRENGTH ROSTER. Now look, I mean no disrespect to Senzo. He’s an incredible player and did well to help SRG get a Top 8 finish in their FIRST EVER SHOWING on LAN in Stockholm. But, how would that have ended if oKhaliD had been able to attend? How would they have gotten on if they were able to attend the Winter major? Well, hopefully now we’ll get to fully unleash the beasts. I’m VERY excited by this prospect, stay tuned to find out how I think this plays out for them!

ONE LAST THING, as I’m writing this, 6 pm 27th June, there has been a pretty major rebrand. Some of you may remember that Optic Gaming acquired Envy but recently it seems they are rebranding more of the Envy teams as Optic Gaming and NOW it’s time for the Green Wall to enter the Rocket League arena and LANdon will be their first appearance! For me, this is huge news purely because more big-name organisations in the game bring more eyes, more eyes mean bigger prizes, and bigger prizes mean more competitive gameplay!

Now it’s time for some predictions. Who do I think is going to take home the gold? Who do I think will underperform? Who do I think makes a deep run? What about a deep lower bracket run? All will be revealed!

RLCS: Spring Majors predictions

RLCS Spring Major Predictions ahead of the event

The way these things tend to go is the opening rounds will be “somewhat” predictable. But that doesn’t mean we can’t get any upsets? Do I see it happening? Not particularly, however, there are some MEATY matches in the opening round. Furia Vs KC, Moist Vs OpTic and Liquid Vs Falcons are the games I’m looking forward to the most. But Given I think Moist will make it to the final I have to put them getting the better of the Green Wall in its “sorta” debut.

I can see deep runs for Falcons & Liquid, one of them has to go through the lower bracket, however. I truly believe that Falcons have a point to prove after A) Not having a full-strength roster in Stockholm and B) Not being allowed entry to the US for the Spring Major. I’m MORE Than happy for them to prove my bracket wrong and I’d LOVE for them to make the top 4. In the case of Liquid, I think their biggest strength is that they’re young and quite unpredictable, but will the lack of top-tier experience prove to be their downfall on LAN?

Ultimately I think BDS wins this LAN, they won the Fall Major, and they were pretty underwhelming in the Winter Major but after picking up Seikoo they’ve looked like a completely different beast. BDS has pretty much dominated Europe since the start of RLCS X, short of a few results. They started off on their best foot this season but their fall split was pretty poor by their standards. I truly think we’re seeing BDS in their final form right now. I’m talking Cell after absorbing #17 & #18 levels of perfection. 

Let’s be real, only time will tell what’s going to happen, if you want to have a mess about and make a bracket prediction you can use this link here just make a copy on your own google drive then you can edit your major predictions as much as you like. Filling in the results will automatically fill out the tournament. Neat huh?

I’m very much looking forward to this major, not only because I’m all for watching as much competitive Rocket League as physically possible, but also because this is the FIRST RLCS LAN I will be attending in person. I’m both excited and nervous and I hope I can provide GOOD content for you all from the major. Keep your eyes posted on the FullSync Twitter account for pictures and videos from the venue this Saturday & Sunday! Maybe I’ll see some of you there? Until next time, take care folks!

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