The Rising Popularity of Online Casinos

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As we are all well aware by now, the world around us is changing constantly, we’re going from freedom, to lockdown, to freedom with restrictions, back to lockdown… When will it all end? One thing we do know is, there are a lot of people out there who don’t feel comfortable going out and mingling in public places such as bars, restaurants and casinos.

This crazy COVID world we’re living in has impacted a lot of things, people have been struggling to keep themselves occupied, seeing large increases in the number of games consoles being sold and online streaming services struggling to keep up with the demand. Areas of the economy taking large hits, but at the same time, other areas absolutely booming.

With things being as shaky as they are, we found the high street ended up taking quite a big hit, however, online shopping saw a huge boom. The government said restaurants and pubs couldn’t operate and had to shut up shop, but take away places soared to new heights. Casinos also found themselves closed to the public, but people were able to fill their time on online casinos.

The thing is, as humans, we seek thrills, one of life’s biggest thrills comes when you win something and because of this, people often turn to gamble in its many forms, whether that’s throwing money away in a casino, into FIFA packs, feeling the excitement of pulling Messi or going back to being a kid and opening Pokémon cards and getting a sweet shiny Charizard to show off to your mates, or even throwing £10 into a fruit machine and dropping its £100 jackpot, they all give you the same feeling, that sweet dopamine rush we all love so much.

Although there have been restrictions imposed on what we’re able to do, online casinos have found themselves more popular than ever, some wanting to chance their luck at turning their pennies into pounds while things are a bit tight, others just wanting to quash their boredom for a short period of time by spinning the slots, but one thing we can say for sure is that it’s easier than ever to get into.

There are countless casino apps and even more websites available that offer everything to scratch your itch, from slots to roulette, blackjack to poker. You want to throw some money at ‘play your cards right’? You name it, they’ve probably got it. 

But what if you’re new to this? How do you go about getting into it all? These things really can be confusing. There are plenty of resources you can find online to help you find your bearings, as this article on how to find an edge while playing blackjack online. It’s all going to come down to what you’re playing, most slot machines have their own gimmick, different card games online may have different odds, which casino site you’re playing on and ultimately, what you’re hoping to get out of it.

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Pick your thing, stick with it, learn how to play and you can absolutely be away with it. I always find it’s best to stick to one pot instead of dipping into many and hoping one will work out.

In this digital world, there’s money to be made, there’s fun to be had and there are people out there who have turned online gambling into a career, it’s always going to be an option, but one thing we must stress is to gamble responsibly, it can be very easy to get caught up in the rush, maybe those slots haven’t paid out in a while, must be coming up soon right? Sure, go for it, if you’re not pushing beyond your means. As the old saying goes, when the fun stops. STOP.

What do you think? Have you found yourself killing time spinning the slots at places such as joker123? Did you try your hand at blackjack or have you become a phenom at online poker during furlough? Let us know!

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