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Aerosoft, the leading company for high-quality simulation games, is pleased to announce the PC and Switch title Truck & Logistics Simulator today. The game will be released on June 23 on Steam Early Access for 19.95 EUR / 19.99 USD / 18.00 GBP (-25% discount for 3 days) and on June 25 for Nintendo Switch for 39.95 EUR / 39.99 USD / 36.99 GBP. Truck & Logistics Simulator is being developed by Simula Games and simulates the complete supply chain of a transport company. The player takes control of more than 20 unique vehicles for loading and transporting freight. These vehicles such as forklifts, cranes or wheel loaders enable the player to load their cars, minivans or large trucks, which the players then drive to their destination themselves to complete their missions – solo or with friends in a convoy.

About Truck & Logistics Simulator

The Truck & Logistics Simulator covers the whole range of vehicles in freight logistics – players can precisely control the numerous loading vehicles to get the cargo safely on board. The vans or trucks need to be driven safely and quickly through the city or over the highway to their destination.

The Truck & Logistics Simulator offers the players many demanding missions, from simple transportation to off-road missions with fragile cargo. Successfully completed orders bring the needed money to buy better or larger vehicles, opening up even more demanding tasks. The larger the vehicle fleet, the more orders can be tackled. 

The Truck & Logistics Simulator offers a large and extremely varied map with several towns and villages, highways, a harbour, tunnels, islands, a large quarry, industrial areas, construction places, a mine and much more. 

Cross Platform Coop

The missions in the big wide game world do not have to be mastered alone: Together with friends, players can complete their chosen logistic missions in cooperative multiplayer across the platforms (Nintendo Switch and PC) – without running over objects like street lamps or barriers. 

With the Truck & Logistics Simulator, we want to give players a glimpse into the everyday work of a logistics company with this high-quality simulation. We are working hard towards the release in a few weeks and can’t wait to share our fascination for controlling transport and loading vehicles with the players.

Mehmet Kahraman, Managing Director at Simula Games. 

Features of Truck & Logistics Simulator:

  • More than 20 drivable vehicles with realistic interior and driving physics
  • Cross-platform (Nintendo Switch and PC) multiplayer with cooperative game mechanics: Players form convoys and deliver the goods with friends
  • The transport vehicle fleet includes everything from passenger cars to minivans, platform trucks, lorries and heavy-duty transporters
  • There are various trailers such as box trailers, concrete pumps, low loaders, container trailers and more for the transport vehicles
  • Transport of heavy vehicles on trailers (cars, forklifts, wheel loaders, off-road vehicles)
  • Day and night cycle and realistic weather: Players have to be prepared for difficult weather conditions such as rain and fog and have to drive carefully
  • Accidents can cause the axles to bend, which realistically affects the vehicle physics
  • Thousands of missions, including challenging and dangerous off-road tours
  • Vehicle modding: colour, window tinting, colour of the dashboard, xenon headlights and many more
  • 24 km² large open road world with a port, highways, urban and industry areas and more
  • Female and male game characters selectable

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