Red Meat Games’ new multiplayer sci-fi stealth game, Sentience, is available now on Steam Early Access!

by Chris Camilleri
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Who will be the hunter and the hunted in this multiplayer, F2P title from Red Meat Games?

Indie game developer Red Meat Games is happy to announce that their anticipated title Sentience, a free-to-play multiplayer stealth game, releases today on Steam Early Access. In Sentience, players face a world where humanity no longer exists, and the world is now ruled by an android society. As some androids develop sentience, a resistance develops, upsetting the once idyllic automation.

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“We were thrilled with the response to the demo, and we can’t wait for fans to experience multiplayer,” Norma Rossler, Owner of Red Meat Games and Producer on Sentience, commented. “Early Access is the perfect opportunity to gather even more feedback as we work towards releasing on consoles, and finalizing the PC version.”

Set in a sci-fi, cyberpunk dystopian earth, players must make a difficult decision—will they choose to play as a Sentinel, watching carefully for Rogues and working to maintain the peace of an android-driven society? Or will they choose to play as a Rogue, fighting back against the Sentinel oppressors in an attempt at freedom?

Key Features:

  • Short round-based cooperative gameplay. Compete with other players online, or play offline with single-player round-based games against in-game AI. 
  • For online multiplayer, a matchmaking system connects players with friends and other players. Players can communicate via optional in-game voice chat.
  • Engaging gameplay where players choose to fight for freedom from Sentinel (hunters) oppressors or keep the peace by keeping Rogues (hunted) at bay.
  • A unique take on the beloved stealth multiplayer genre, featuring an intriguing story set in a sci-fi cyberpunk-dystopian world.
  • Free-to-play with upgradeable cosmetic features

Sentience is available today on Steam Early Access, with Xbox and PlayStation coming later this year. Sentience is a project supported by the Canada Media Fund, learn more here.

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