Smash-hit monster mash, Rangers of Oblivion, celebrates its first anniversary today and is looking forward to a behemoth of a birthday. While the sun may be setting on the Valentine’s Day memories of last month, our hearts still desire the unrivalled excitement of fighting monsters for the honour of Malheim!

Fortunately, GTarcade shows no signs of slowing down. In fact, their latest in-game skin lights the way to whole new dynamic; until the beginning of April ‘Fierce Resolve’ allows players to wield flaming weapons and take on the behemoths.

So, why not toast a few monster marshmallows in addition to your usual hunter/gatherer routine? It’s not all costume-changes and monstrous toasted snacks though, the one-year milestone has seen the devs bring some legit goodies to the party: the classic ‘sign-in everyday’ event rolls on until March 18 — simply log in to the game every day to win rewards such as Lucky Clover, Awakening Fruit and so on… you know the deal.

In-game the ‘Anniversary Insignia’ offers players insignia points by completing daily tasks or spending diamonds. With enough merit points, players will get various rewards; including the aptly-named Omnipotent Engraved Blades, some Awaking Fruit and also a fantastic brand-new costume “Sound of Music”.

Rangers-of-Oblivion First Anniversary

In terms of gameplay, ‘Demon Legion’ provides a special stage where Rangers hunt down behemoths to acquire the “Heart of Origin” — an event token you can exchange for all manner of precious items, including a new type of pet – ‘Shepard’.

The first anniversary is a solid milestone in any Ranger’s career. You can log in to the Ranger Career function to track just how many behemoths you’ve hunted down, how many silvers you’ve spent, etc. during your entire time in the game. Then share stats on social media to see how you compare against other top Rangers in Malheim.

Once you’ve done all that, ready yourself for another Hunt Permit Season; the third instalment is now open! In this season’s run, alongside the usual pet costumes and key items to unlock — there’s also a very special new Wild Soul – Balen. He once fell in the battle against behemoths but has risen again as a Hero Soul (a new type of Wild Soul) to help players in battle. Why not check out Season III and let us know what you think?

Now… Hunt or be hunted, Rangers!

Rangers of Oblivion – First Anniversary

We’ve past our first anniversary long ago. We’re real old now. But enough about us, let’s help you. For even more gaming news, click right HERE.

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