PUBG Update 9.2 available now on PC

by Chris Camilleri
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With PUBG Update 9.2 available now on PC and coming to console on 26 November, players can drop into the battlegrounds to try out a new vehicle, mini Survivor Pass, and balance updates. The latest update includes:

  • Battle Bride Pass: This new kind of pass focuses on Sadiya Qureshi, a character players have seen from our motion comics. The Battle Bride pass progresses independently from Survivor Pass: Highlands and has 15 levels for players to complete by earning XP from matches.
  • Dirt Bike: We’re revving the engines with a new type of vehicle, the dirt bike. They are fast, up to 130km/h, and designed to handle every terrain and map, with the exception of Karakin.
  • Weapon Balances: All sidearms across the board have received improvements to damage multipliers, aiming, ADS movement speed, and more.

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