PUBG Update 8.3, on console and Stadia Live Servers

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PUBG Season 8 is coming to an end with Update 8.3, now available on console and Stadia Live Servers. This update brings brand new gameplay upgrades to enhance team tactics, including the Team Combat Indicators and Assist tracking and messaging. The tried and true map of Erangel now features Ferries, which will make for some great sea-faring showdowns. This update also features the new, game changing Jammer Pack that blocks a player from taking damage in the Blue Zone for a short period of time.

Finally, this update also introduces the new Arena Mode in PUBG LABS, and features an all new 64 person, squad-based, gameplay experience. Arena Mode is only available for a limited time, so check out all the gameplay and timing details here

Update 8.3 is now live on ALL available PUBG platforms. Please find all the details here:

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