PUBG Season 10 Out Now Alongside Latest Lore Drop

by Chris Camilleri
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KRAFTON, Inc. has officially launched PUBG Season 10, which drops today on PC with a Season exclusive map called Haven, which is PUBG’s most dense Battleground to date. For the first time in PUBG’s history, this 1×1 map will feature 32-players descending into an urban environment rife with verticality and combat possibilities.
Full patch notes can be found here along with the recent patch report video here.

In addition to the new map, Survivors can also look forward to:

  • New Season Lore: A new PUBG Season also means the expansion of the universe with a new lore drop. For the latest, please visit the PUBG Lore website. Tythonic Industries, a mysterious bio-tech company, takes center stage in Season 10. Those that are curious can visit the company’s website or listen to the latest Quarterly Earnings call, which includes a special appearance by Jonathan Frakes (yes, of Mysterious Unknown fame)!
  • The Pillar AI Enemy Faction: A new enemy AI combatant known as “The Pillar” joins the battlegrounds. These private military contractors are known to protect high-tier loot caches throughout the map. In addition to soldiers, the Pillar has plenty of back-up, including a Tactical Truck that roams the map hunting survivors and attacking them with its high-powered guns. Make sure to watch the skies as well with the Pillar Scout helicopter roaming the map looking to locate and identify survivors with its spotlight.
  • Emergency parachute: With the emergency parachute, survivors can strategically leap off the high buildings of Haven to deploy a parachute to glide their way to freedom.
  • Survivor Pass: Breakthrough: The latest Survivor Pass has all the gear you need to take on the mean streets of Haven. Featuring cool new looks based on lore characters and the new enemy faction, you’ll have plenty of great rewards to unlock as you fight your way through all 100 levels of the pass.

Console gamers can look forward to Season 10 releasing today on 17 December. For more info, please visit or follow us on social media (Facebook, TwitterInstagramYouTube or Twitch).

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