PUBG in 2021 – Season 10

by Ben Kirby
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Season 10 of PUBG is now well underway, and whilst a lot of people are dropping in its competitors (Fortnite, Apex Legends, Warzone etc), none of them compares to PUBG. I’ll be that PUBG loyalist whenever the discussion about battle royale games come up.

Sure, it isn’t perfect, but the work that’s been done over the past year is frankly, incredible. Map remasters, new maps, shooting while driving a motorbike…….all added for free.

Yeah, there’s a big old season pass that’s going to cost you £7.49 on Steam. Full of new clothing items, weapon skins, in-game currency and the usual stuff. All themed around the new map and game mode, in Haven.

The new map - Haven in PUBG Season 10
The new map – Haven


Hot off the heels of the new map Paramo last season, PUBG has launched another new map “Haven” for Season 10.

Notable for being PUBG’s smallest map (1km x 1km), it hosts up to 32 players. A far cry from the genre standard of 100. But a small footprint just means that the developers got to be more creative in making it a large play space, still. Compact areas, filled with multi-storey buildings. PUBG is still very much PUBG, but you’re more vertical and working in those tighter indoor corridor spaces. Or the streets between buildings.

One of my favourite new features is that of the spare parachute. You can pick up a new chute whilst running around. This is immensely helpful all things considered. You get tagged running into a building. No doubt someone is waiting for you to leave, through a window or door. Well, to hell with that. Get a parachute, get to the roof of the building and jump for it.

This is the kind of verticality that I think PUBG has been screaming for, for a long time. Sure the pace is slower than that of Apex, but it gives a new dimension to a well-established game.

PUBG Season 10

The other twist with Haven is that the PUBG developers have decided to add an AI enemy faction into the mix. I’ll be honest. I still panic when I drop somewhere spicy on the other maps. SO this added fear has really shaken things up! With the enemy faction “The Pillar” guarding caches, the best way to get good loot is to take them down.

No airdrops here. PUBG is mixing that up a little and pitting you in a PvPvE scenario. You’re watching your back for other players, your opening every door hoping not to walk into a room full of AI. It’s a little sweaty in here…. Add to that, the massive truck that roams the streets, and you find yourself dipping in and out of buildings to just survive. Let alone play a battle royale!

It actually hits the spot though. I think that PUBG has evolved and wisely chosen to add variety, without taking away the content we already love. I will say that only Duo’s or 1-man Duos is a little disappointing. I’d like to see solos here, and maybe even quads, for some intense match-ups. All in good time I suppose?

PUBG the ever changing

It’s no doubt that PUBG has had it’s fair share of bad press when it comes to glitches, hackers, updates etc. I played day one on Xbox and suffered everything that people were up in arms around. It still stuck, though. More than the others in the genre.

Looking back over the past 12 months or so, seeing the remasters of Vikendi, Erangel and Sanhok. Playing new maps like Paramo and Karakin and still going on the beast that is Miramar. PUBG is a totally different experience to what it was once.

I’ve moved to play it on Steam now, and it looks better than the Xbox was ever going to. Playing on keyboard and mouse is slicker, and the experience is elevated beyond all the patches, maps and seasons. I should note that I haven’t been able to pull all of my progress through on my Xbox account. That’s fine. It’s just cosmetics. But it would have been a nice thing to merge accounts a la Fortnite or Rocket League.

If you didn’t enjoy PUBG for the pace and gameplay. You’re not likely to prefer it over your current preference. But if you loved it, although you struggled with the bugs, the inconsistency etc. I’d highly recommend that you dive back in.

PUBG doesn’t cost you any more than it did when you bought it. But it’s been filled-out with content. Sure, season passes cost, but they aren’t mandatory or important quite honestly.

I think I’ll be treating myself to the Season 10 pass on Steam, though. Because I’m starting to really put some hours in here! Pick your spot to drop and I’ll see you down there!

PUBG Season 10 is now underway.

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