Top 5 Cats in Gaming

by MaddOx
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Cats have been popular in gaming for decades – whether as a ferocious enemy or comforting companion they always draw attention. Known for their independent nature, killer instinct and fuzzy fur – they make intriguing, fun and memorable characters. 

It’s not been an easy task (with so many to choose from) but here are our Top 5 favourite feline fur-balls:

1. Tom: Talking Tom and Friends

Tom (or Talking Tom) is a grey tabby cat who is the leader of the gang in the Talking Tom and Friends franchise. Described as the “world’s most popular cat” Tom is an ambitious, adventurous, lovable cat who others follow. In My Talking Tom Friends users can take care of Tom and his friends (feed them, bathe them, tend to their wishes) plus there’s a whole array of exciting games (testing skill, reflex, and puzzle-solving). Tom makes you really feel like one of the gang!

My Talking Tom and Friends artwork featuring cats and other animals

2. Katt Monroe-Star: Star Fox

Katt Monroe-Star is one ferocious, flirty feline! She has grey and white fur (though originally pink and white) and is a skilled pilot (leading her own ship; Cat’s Paw). She helps the Star Fox team defeat evil (in Star Fox 64, for example, she helps protect Planet Zoness). While she likes to fight, perhaps the real reason she hangs around is her love for Falco. Unfortunately, this love is unrequited – but it doesn’t stop her flirting!

Katt Monroe-Star from Star Fox

3. Alvina: Dark Souls

Alvina is a character in Dark Souls found lurking on a window sill in Darkroot Garden. This is not a kitty to be messed with! Alvina is the leader of the Forest Hunter covenant and if you try to harm her, hostility in the forest will ensue. There are rewards for honouring her; she has the power to grant a Divine Blessing (to fully restore your health) and – in rarer circumstances – give out the Ring of Fog (making wearers become transparent).

Alvina from Dark Souls

4. M’aiq the Liar: Elder Scrolls

M’aiq the Liar is a recurring character in the Elder Scrolls series featuring in Morrowind, Oblivion, Skyrim, and Online. He is a Khajiit who almost always speaks in the third person. He shares information on topics ranging from Colovian Fur Helms to The Companions. He often references features excluded/ cut from the games that are a source of debate in the fan base community. He even alludes to Elder Scrolls memes – making him a firm, fan favourite!

M'aiq the Liar from Elder Scrolls

5. Sweet Shalquoir: Dark Souls 2

Sweet Shalquoir is a sentient, feline creature starring in Dark Souls 2 (found inside a house in Majula). She is able to speak to humans (like Alvina in Dark Souls) and greets players with the phrase “Enchanté!” meaning “nice to meet you”. The player can view their covenant rank while talking to her. She offers an unlimited stock of items (after the player opens the Shrine of Winter) and uses scents to identify players.

Sweet Shalquoir from Dark Souls 2

Reviewing our top 5 favourite cats in gaming emphasises how different the cats can be; from friendly & humanistic to omniscient & noble, each serving their purpose purr-fectly! Think there is a famous gaming cat we’re missing out? Let us know in our comments below.

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