PUBG Corporation Reveals PCS2 Europe Grand Final Teams and In-Game Profit Sharing Details

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PUBG Continental Series 2 (PCS2) continues after exciting Group Stages, where 16 teams from each of the four regional tournaments across Europe, North America, Asia-Pacific, and Asia advance to the PCS2 Grand Final. Each roster will have to test themselves against their region’s best sides, as well as fight for their regional $200,000 USD prize pot ($800,000 across all regions). The Europe Grand Final will take place on 29-30 August, 5-6 September and 12-13 September.

PCS2 Europe Grand Final Team Roster

At the PCS2 Europe Group Stage, 24 teams battled it out for a place in the top 16 and the right to compete at the Grand Final. After six days of action, the following teams have qualified: Faze Clan, Natus Vincere, Team Liquid, Northern Lights, ENCE, Winstreak, Omaken Sports, Raise Your Edge, Tornado Energy, TSM, ShiftW, Blaze Esports, Bystanders, ETiGET Esports, ADEPTS and Istanbul Wildcats.

PCS2 Roster for Europe Finals

Celebratory PCS2 Items

Starting today on PC and 27 August on console, fans can gear up and celebrate PUBG Continental Series 2 by purchasing an exciting array of celebratory in-game items, with 25% of revenue being distributed across the four regions – Europe, North America, Asia-Pacfic, and Asia. 12.5% of that amount will be added to the $800,000 USD prize pot and 12.5% will be split equally amongst all participating rosters. Every PCS2 item purchase will grant at least one voting coupon that can be used with the PCS2 Pick’Em Challenge.

PUBG Continental Series 2 in-game Items will be available on console from 27 August.

Celebratory PCS2 Items

PCS2 Pick’Em Challenge Details

The PUBG Continental Series 2 Pick’Em Challenge offers fans a chance to obtain rewards for guessing the winners of each regional tournament. A voting coupon is required to cast your vote, which can be obtained by purchasing celebratory PCS2 items or earning free coupons by watching the tournaments. Successfully predicting the winners will award players Esports Points (EP) that can be redeemed for more exclusive in-game items. EP can also be gained by voting for which teams will place higher than another. This specific voting mechanic, known as Team Faceoff, does not require voting coupons. For full details, please visit the recently published blog.

For a PUBG Continental Series 2 summary, please view the recently released trailer.

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