PUBG 7.3 Now Live on PC

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Update 7.3 is now live on PC and coming soon to console 23 June. This update introduces changes to a couple of key gameplay mechanics should enhance battle royale gameplay in the seasons to come. Add in the quality of life upgrades like Spike Traps that stretch 50% longer and more designated marksman rifles on Vikendi, and you’ve got a great final salute to Season 7. 

  • PCS 1 Pick’Em Challenge: PUBG Esports is back in a big way with the PCS 1 event taking centre stage beginning 25 June. Starting today on PC and 23 June on console, players can purchase special PCS 1 items and receive voting coupons to directly reward their favourite teams. Fans can get in on the action via the Pick’Em Challenge by checking out the Esports tab in-game. Check out more details about items, timelines, and more on the blog here.
    The PCS 1 Europe Grand Finals will take place from 27-28 June and from 4-5 July. For a full recap on the PCS 1 Europe Group Stage, please visit the official tournament site: days 1-3days 4-6.
  • Gameplay Updates: It’s all about C4 and vehicle damage in Update 7.3. Explosive C4 can now be thrown and detonated mid-air to wreak havoc on enemies within 25 meters. Four-wheeled vehicles now take different levels of bullet damage depending on where they’re hit, and they won’t explode until a few seconds after deteriorating to zero hit points. Close escapes should be common in the Update 7.3 era.

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