Online gambling: What is the best payment method?

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Online sports and casino gambling is a pastime enjoyed by millions worldwide every day. Sports betting and online casinos rank as the fastest growing industries in business, with new players registering at the biggest betting apps to wager on their favourite sports and competitions, including soccer, tennis and horse racing, whilst simultaneously enjoying slots and card games such as Blackjack.

What’s more, that trend is showing no signs of slowing down with more countries worldwide moving to relax their laws regarding gambling.

In the United States, the long-running blanket ban on betting was lifted in 2018. This moved the decision from those in the White House to officials in individual states. Some moved quickly to join Las Vegas in permitting residents and visitors to bet on sports, throwing open their doors to the top online sports betting apps and online casinos. New Jersey was the first to make the historic decision to legalise this form of gambling but it wasn’t the last.

A growing number of states have followed while others remain on the fence. The undecided seem to be biding their time to see the pros and cons, including the option of taxing bookmakers and how to resolve issues with problem gambling. If you haven’t yet tried out online betting or online casinos, it’s the perfect time to get started.

Specialist apps can be downloaded to your smartphone in a matter of seconds, allowing customers to bet from anywhere and at any time. But what’s the quickest and safest way to pay when gambling? This article explains the options open to you.

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Gambling: Payment options

The online gambling industry is fiercely competitive, with the most successful bookmakers having to battle for your attention with start-up and online-only betting apps. There are a number of ways a site can stand out from the crowd and encourage you to bet with them over the hundreds of other firms available. The easiest way to do this is to offer more generous odds than their rivals, but betting odds comparison apps allow bettors and bookies to track the competition, meaning it’s difficult to make any real difference.

Another useful tool is promotions. The best of these are welcome bonuses which are offered to new customers. If you register an account and start betting, you will receive a welcome bonus. These deals are the product of savvy marketing teams and come in many different shapes and sizes, ensuring there’s something for everyone. The most popular at present is the new player free bet. Sign-up, make a deposit and place a qualifying sportsbook bet. When your opening wager has a result, the free bet will be added to your account balance.

Another useful tool to help separate the good bookies from the great bookies is payment options. The more ways to deposit funds to your betting account and withdraw winnings, the better. There’s no such thing as having too many payment accounts. Having a wide range of accounts allows you to better manage how much you spend on betting every week or month, and this helps reduce the threat of problem gambling, including spending more than you are comfortable with. As a side note, when setting out your budget for betting, you should decide how much you can afford to lose to betting each month. Then anything else is a bonus.

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Debit cards are king

The most popular payment method is the debit card. This includes VISA and Maestro. Debit accounts allow the user to add funds instantly to a betting account. For example, add $20 and bet using that cash without delay. There’s no clearing time and no waiting around, which is perfect if you are in a rush or eager to get your bet on at the best odds available.

Withdrawals are just as easy. In the past, there was a clearing period of between three and five business days before withdrawals would show in your bank account. That’s no longer the case. Withdrawals appear instantly in your debit account, and this allows you to enjoy your winnings as soon as possible.

You can add as many debit cards to your betting account, providing they are registered to the same name as the betting account. One thing to keep in mind when transferring money to and from your betting account is any winnings must be returned to the source. That means, if you deposit with a VISA account, the winnings from that bet must be withdrawn to the same account.

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