Protocol: The Start of a New Indie Game Revolution

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Over the past few years, the indie game genre has come on leaps and bounds. Nowadays, independent creations from small development teams are taking the sector by storm. Across the globe, gamers are immersing themselves in unique, imaginative concepts, which speaks volumes about the genre’s appeal. Despite not having the financial support of well-known publishers, standalone developers are establishing themselves within the ever-competitive gaming world, and they don’t look to be going anywhere. So, let’s consider how Protocol may be the catalyst for an indie game revolution.

The Sci-Fi Adventure Will Only be the Start

In recent times, titles like Among Us and Stardew Valley have captivated modern-day gamers. Their success has opened the door to future indie creations and showcased that mainstream success is possible. In 2021, Protocol looks set to build on those pre-existing foundations. The Fair Games Studio development hit the Steam market back in 2018, and the three-year-old game was well-received by PC gamers. As per the creator’s website, the futuristic title is a first-person adventure into the life of a volunteer in a secret government program.

Protocol Release Trailer

Having established itself on the PC market, Protocol will become one of many desktop indie games to crossover to consoles in 2021. Tech Times states that both PlayStation and Xbox will welcome the first-person title on April 30th, 2021. The article also reports that the conspiracy-filled creation marks the beginning of a new wave of indie crossovers. In the future, titles such as Cris Tales, Edge of Eternity, and 12 minutes will follow in Protocol’s footsteps.

Will Independent Creations Catch on?

It’s a testament to the ever-growing attraction of indie games that the leading console creators within the industry are striving to embrace more non-AAA games. As touched on above, independent developers work to a smaller budget than well-known organisations. Because of that, their games are often cheaper to buy, which helps to generate audiences. Take Minecraft, for example. Originally developed by Mojang, a Swedish-based studio, the sandbox game took the gaming world by storm and is now one of the best-selling titles of all time. Although Microsoft purchased the rights in 2014, it showcases how lucrative the indie game market has become.

Gameplay screenshot of a tower in popular online game Minecraft

There are many reasons why indie games have caught on. Aside from their cost, they also allow developers to express creative freedom. Outside of mainstream gaming, indie games have started to find their feet at online betting platforms. At Buzz Bingo, the entertainment community can peruse a wide-ranging selection of the best online bingo games. The operator hosts Blue Wizzard, which is a five-reel slot developed by Rarestone Gaming, and many other genres and players are welcomed in the community. Although the company operate as part of the Playtech family, they’re somewhat independent, and their magic-themed title captivates audiences because of its authentic nature.

Indie Developers are Becoming Fearless

To compete within the modern-day gaming industry, independent content creators need to retain their existing gamer-friendly approach. These studios reflect the community’s values and try to give back to audiences by making their games affordable. Over the coming years, it appears likely that indie developers will continue rising to prominence, especially if Protocol catches on across various consoles.

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