Farewell Battlefield 2042

by Ben Kirby
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Well damn. I’ve been really enjoying Battlefield 2042 over the past couple of weeks. Checking out Season 7 and getting back into it after my original review and my couple of dips back into it over the last couple of years.

I’ll be honest, I thought it was in a good place now.

Fans are still against it but have somehow forgotten how poor Battlefield V was. Lamenting that they would rather play it. I’ll just say it. They’re wrong. Battlefield 2042 is a superior game from a multiplayer perspective and has only grown and improved.

128-player conquest is fantastic, and the smaller, more “normal” 64-player rounds are great, too.

Alas. Season 7 is the last season we’ll get from EA/DICE.

Battlefield 2042 screenshot

Battlefield 2042

Here’s a breakdown of what’s been announced:

EA has announced significant changes in the development of its popular Battlefield series, shifting gears towards the next instalment. Leading the team for this new project are Philippe Ducharme and Roman Campos-Oriola, who previously directed the acclaimed Dead Space remake. This move suggests a fresh creative direction, especially after Battlefield 2042’s challenging launch in November 2021.

The recent declaration from EA revealed that Battlefield 2042’s ongoing season, which started last month, will be its final one. Post-season, while the game will no longer follow its seasonal format, it will still benefit from new challenges, events, and modes. This transition marks a pivot in EA and DICE’s strategy as they now concentrate their efforts on the forthcoming Battlefield game, slated for release in October 2025.

Battlefield’s General Manager, Byron Beede, expressed understanding that this news might disappoint fans. However, he emphasized the necessity of redirecting resources to fully harness the potential of the series, which is famed for its class-based squad play and dynamic combat scenarios.

In a similar vein, EA Motive, known for their work on 2023’s Dead Space remake and Star Wars: Squadrons, is building a team to spearhead this development. The involvement of EA Motive indicates a commitment to enhancing narrative depth and gameplay immersion, leveraging their experience with the Frostbite engine.

Battlefield 2042 - Season 7 Battlepass

Impact of disappointment

The aftermath of Battlefield 2042’s underwhelming performance has led to broader organizational changes at EA, including the closure of Ridgeline Games and a reshuffling of projects across studios like Criterion Games. These adjustments come amid broader layoffs affecting 5% of EA’s workforce and the cancellation of several projects, including a planned Star Wars shooter at Respawn.

Despite shelving plans for a Dead Space 2 remake, EA Motive remains actively involved in other high-profile projects, including an Iron Man game, which continues to progress under the guidance of Olivier Proulx and Ian Frazier. The team recently celebrated reaching a significant development milestone, setting a solid foundation for the anticipated project.

Looking ahead, EA hints at a return to Battlefield’s roots with modern settings, 64-player matches, and an enhanced destruction system. Rumours also suggest multiple Battlefield projects in the pipeline, including a free-to-play battle royale, potentially positioning EA to compete directly with successes like Call of Duty: Warzone.

With the next Battlefield instalment anticipated in late 2025, the gaming community can expect more details and possible previews later this year, keeping the anticipation high for what might be a pivotal revival of the franchise.

Battlefield 2042 - Map

Fingers crossed

Battlefield 2042 is no way near as bad as people make it seem. In fact, it’s decent. I know that the changes have been implemented to bring it back in line with the core elements of the series. I don’t mind that. But they dared to try something new and interesting, and whilst it was rough when it worked, it was great.

I’ll die on this hill, and the vitriol I’ve seen around Battlefield 2042 recently is ridiculous. I really do hate game communities sometimes. Don’t forget Battlefield V was absolute crap (I do hate WW2 themes in shooters, to be fair), stop with the rose-tinted bullshit. 2042 is a better game and now it’s being wound down. Disappointing.

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