Was Amazon Prime Day 2023 worth it?

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Every year, Amazon launches their Prime Day sale. And Prime Day 2023 took place from the 11th to the 12th of July, in fact, as I’m writing this there are still a few hours left to get some ‘bargains’. But has it been worth it? Let’s take a look at some of the things we found, bought and where we think discounts could’ve been and have been better in the past. This is just a quick roundup though, for more highlights go check out the coverage for UK deals and US deals over at EnosTech.

Amazon’s own products

One of the first things to get discounted in the Prime Day 2023 sale was Amazon’s own products. From Fire Sticks to Fire Tablets and more. One of the first products which were discounted early ahead of the Prime Day 2023 sale was the range of Fire Sticks available, with the cheapest being the Fire TV Stick Lite at £21.99, and the top of the range Fire TV Stick 4K Max at £37.99, discounts of 37% and 42% respectively. However, these products have been cheaper in other sales, with the cheaper option having been as low as £16.99 and the top model being £34.99.

At the same time, all of the Echo Dot speakers were 60% off, making some models as low as £17.99 and the top model just £31.99. Again, there have been cheaper offers in the past for both, albeit earlier-generation products that had fewer features. When it comes to the Fire Tablets the discounts vary much like the TV Sticks, from as little as 31% off for the Fire Tablet 7 to 58% off for the Fire Tablet 10. Now we have seen the cheaper models even cheaper before, but we’ve bought the Fire 10 previously, and this was as cheap as we have seen it before.

There was also a range of Smart Products such as doorbells, wifi cameras and more, and even Fire TVs with large discounts, and they provide great value for money. But again, while there are some massive savings in the Prime Day 2023 sale, some products have been cheaper in the past, while others are a little higher than previous deals.

Amazon Smart Tech Giveaway Prizes - All on offer in the Prime Day 2023 sale

Gaming essentials

We’re all about gaming here, and so these were some of the deals we were keen to keep an eye open for. And Prime Day 2023 was a little bit disappointing overall in this department. There were no big deals on gaming consoles at all, except you could pick up a refurbished Xbox Series S for £149.99 which was a steal, and as such, flew out of stock almost immediately. But no other consoles came with any big discounts.

For PC gamers though, there was much more on offer for Prime Day 2023. From gaming accessories to monitors, laptops ad mini PCs, there were plenty of deals to go around. And even online retailers like ebuyer were getting in on that action, with their own Primal Deals offers, rolling back prices on a wide range of accessories and hardware to compete and even better the deals on gaming hardware.

Some of the standout deals we did find though were for the likes of the Edifier G2ii gaming headset, which had a whopping 40% off taking it as low as £32.99. There was also a KOORUI 27 Inch Gaming Monitor which has 2K graphics operating with a 1ms response time and up to 170Hz refresh rate for as little as £218.49, which for the spec, was incredibly cheap. And aother bargain was the Logitech G502 HERO gaming mouse, over 60% off down from £79.99 to £28.99, which from the reviews we’ve seen, is an absolute steal.

Tech for on the go

If you were looking for some on-the-go tech, there were some great deals to be found, although many from unknown brands as Chinese resellers try to undercut their competition by offering things like Bluetooth earphones and more for next to nothing. The problem is, many of these are poor-quality products that don’t last long, so even though it seems you’re getting a great Prime Day 2023 deal, you may regret wasting your money.

Some of the stuff we were impressed with though were the Edifier NB2 Pro Bluetooth earbuds down to £41.99. There were also lots of other great mobile bundles as well like the likes of iWALK that were offering discounts on their range of Power Banks, from the compact ones to the larger models with wireless charging capabilities.

iWALK Wireless Charger on an iPhone

Was Prime Day 2023 worth it?

Overall, no, probably not. Many of the Prime Day 2023 deals just weren’t as good as prices in the past. Sure, there were some Prime Day 2023 deals to rave on about, some of which we mentioned above. But, for the most part, prices weren’t as low as they have been. Ok, maybe this is down to the cost of living crisis, prices are on the rise after all. But even the variety just seemed poor this year. I mean, no console deals besides on a refurbished model? Guess we’ll have to wait until Black Friday to pick up a new Xbox Series X.

Did you manage to find any great deals in the Prime Day 2023 sale? If so, let us know in the comments. Or, if you thought it had gone downhill as well, share your frustrations with us as well. In the meantime, check out more news from us by clicking here.

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