Post Apocalyptic Mobile-RPG DoomCar Set to Ram-raid App Stores

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DoomCar is a strategy RPG wrapped in a distinctly dystopian world but this doesn’t mean you can’t have lots of fun. Collect and upgrade over 100 vehicles, source new equipment (or simply steal it) from all manner of NPC factions. Take your supercharged war chariots out on the open road and engage in the ultimate battle royale; with rogue-like modes making every road trip a new and maniacally dicey experience. You can tailor war chariot battle formations, individual driver skills, professions, affinities, and progression. 

Create the ultimate team, take on all comers and become the despotic driver of your dreams. A rich variety of single player, cooperative, PvP, and clan vs clan modes will satisfy even the most competitive amongst you. While an advanced matchmaking system provides fair, competitive PvP environments for players of all skill levels and progression.  

Post-Apocalyptic Setting

Conquer the open road in this unique idle strategy game that puts you in the driver’s seat of smoke-spewing hulls of twisted metal. See the remains of a destroyed earth, ride your metal monstrosities, and obliterate your enemies with brutally effective weapons.

Rogue-like Randomness

You can win in DoomCar without complicated operations and strategies. Your vehicles will fight for you while you rest. Explore forbidden zones with procedurally-generated levels and challenges and experience the doomsday war without getting your hands dirty.

Ultimate Strategy RPG

Collect and upgrade 100+ vehicles and equipment. Customise DoomCar’s battle formations and adapt skills, professions, affinities, and driver progression. Manage your team and become a consummate menace to competing survivalists.

Global Competition

Experience the best in single-player, cooperative, PvP, and clan vs clan modes. The game’s advanced matchmaking system provides a fair, competitive PvP environment for players of all skill levels and progression. At the upper echelons of its difficulty, DoomCar will require strategy to overcome the greatest odds.

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